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Valentines Day Part 2:
Turns out I ended up going to school and doing a ton of homework and I called Daryl to just come on over so we could start our date. I ended up passing out on the floor (while I was in the middle of an accounting problem) and I woke up to these beauties.

We went on a little date today, Habado gave me 2 choices on where to eat without giving them away. I told him he had to tell me 1) the letter the place started with 2) if he's been there before & 3)an interesting fact (ie they serve gummy bears as an appetizer) hahah ;P so without me knowing I chose Pirate Island! It was fun, I really liked how the place was decorated. This little pirate guy below scared the crap out of me when we first walked in!

So we ended up sitting in a booth close the arcade and I was watching kids having the best time of their lives. Anyway, so Habado was in the middle of telling me a story and I rudely interupted and said, "Daryl, that kid is kicking that annoying beaver thing. hahah" and Daryl quickly turned around to see and he started chuckling and said." I thought you said turn around that kid is kicking that Bieber thing" hahahahhahhahahahahah he was bummed out that it wasn't Justin Bieber.

Anyway, after we ate our delicious dinner we went out to see a movie since we hadn't in a while. We saw Gnomeo and Juliet, it was such a cute kids movie.


  1. Cute blog!
    Looks like you guys had a wonderful Valentines Day :)

    p.s... LOVE your hair!

  2. Awwh it looks like you had such a nice Valentines with your boyfriend!
    I love your blog!
    your newest follower

  3. Those flowers are the sweetest thing! Looks like you had a great time!