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Little Midget Woman

I hate getting up in the morning.. I swear it's the hardest thing to do, especially when you didn't get enough sleep the previous night and you have something that needs to get done.

Other than getting up and being exhausted for the first thirty minutes of the day today has been wonderful.

I got phase 1 of my accounting project done and I got to hangout with my good friend Jiaqi You. He showed me all these cool azn sites that I didn't even know existed.

Habado and I were going to go to a job interview today but we decided not to once we realized it was a cold calling job..those suck. So instead we went to eat Pupusas. For those of you who don't know I'm half Salvadorian. I love going to this little hole in the wall restaurant because the people working there assume everyone speaks Spanish and I love seeing Habado struggle :P

We then went to Baskin Robbins (Habado is applying there) to get some dessert. On Tuesdays they have 2 for 1 sundaes so if you are craving Baskin Robbins you should go that day!

Habado told me the most ridiculous dream he had the other night. It involves Kandice, Habado, and I. It is so funny it's about a "little midget woman". If you reallly want to hear the dream feel free to e-mail me but I don't wanna type it on here cause' I wanna tell Kandice myself.

We then came to my apartment and took some fun photos.

PS When Habado sleeps he wiggles his toes.. it's the funniest thing!
My goal is to get it on camera this week ^-^


  1. Cecilia,

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I love it when new people visit me with a link to their page coz then I get to discover new blogs. Here I am! I think you and your guy are very cute. Love what you did to the photos and the fonts on your blog too. It gives a diary feel. How did you do that?

    Hope to see you around more often!

  2. Hello :) thanks for leaving a really nice comment on my blog ^^ Thanks for liking my post for me =]

    you have some nice photos here , I like your polka dot dress ^_^

  3. Mmm pupusas are my favorite. I am so jealous. You two are so adorable.

    new follower

    Write it in Lipstick

  4. hey seh-seal-ah (your about page rocks),

    um, super fun blog much?! so happy you came and visited me so i could join in ova heah. you and your handsome one, Daryl, are so cute it's almost offensive....BUT totally not! love all the posey pics and times with friends and fams.

    my fave places to check out are just like this, with lots of personal insertions to connect with - great job lades!

    sounds like your day got turned around for the better, congrats on the project completion...what a releif. i know when i was in school it was the homeowrk that sucked up all my remaining moments for realz.

    now then, proceed with the toe wiggling evidence...haha - awesome! ♥

  5. I wish my boyfriend was as cooperative with pictures as yours is! You guys are wayyy too cute for words! Your blog is kind of the cutest thing I have ever seen...I'm jealous!
    I think if you click on the clock you can go to the site and get the code!!
    xxoxo you are the sweetest!

  6. hii!!! thanks so much for visiting me.. and you are too sweet!!

    omg you and your boyfriend are seriously too cute for words.. EEHHHH! SO FREAKIN' CUTE!

    i'm following you now.. would love for you to follow me too!

  7. talk about a cute blog! you and your boy are adorable

  8. Yup. It was my first trip to the States and first step into A&F. Everyone should go New York some day and I’m sure you would go some day too! But I admit that I like it as a tourist and might not like being a resident of NYC.

    Is this sentence of yours cut off: “about how long do you think it will take you”
    Did you mean how long it take to write this entry or how long to get back to being on time? Either of it, I dunno the answer myself. LoLz

    I'm following you right now! I really appreciate your comments and thanx for following. I'm a prick really when it comes to following (Hate me!) coz I only follow if a blog's contents interest me or if a blog owner is nice, sweet and sincere or constantly having 2-way communication.

  9. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! p.s your so gorgeous, you should be a model!

  10. i know exactly what it feels like to wake up early and not sleep enough that night. i did that all through my last year of high school :(
    your photos are so cute!!