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Mommo's Birthday


Feb 9th Today is my lovely mothers birthday. I hope she had a wonderful day and that all of her wishes come true. She deserves the best, she's done so much for our family and I really appreciate her for being there for me through everything. I don't know what I would do without her. The picture on the left is her blowing out her candles.

Grandpa and Grandma Warner were there to join in on all the fun.


I love this picture of my mom and dad. They are super cute ^^                                

Tia Lupita is so funny, I'm very thankful that she's living with us. Our home would feel empty without her.

It was then time for the birthday girl to open her presents. She was super spoiled this year because she got 2 Madame Alexander dolls for her birthday! She was super excited, I don't think she was expecting it.

        This is the one I got her. It's a "Happy Birthday" Madame Alexander doll. When I first recieved the package I didn't open to see if they sent me the right doll. When I finally opened to make sure on Monday night I was shocked because the doll I order was blonde and was wearing a totally different dress! I then went to look online to see if the place ripped me off by sending me a cheaper doll. I was W A Y excited to find out that they either A) accidentally sent me the wrong birthday doll or B) ran out of the one I ordered and sent me this one instead; because this one was worth more, so I got a good deal {; 

Here's a picture of the two dolls. My sister and my dad gave her the "Queen of Hearts" one on the left and the one I gave her is on the right. I hope my mom had a great birthday.
I love you Mommo!

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