March 2011 | Dearest Lou

dumpster cats

this is a short story about two sleep deprived young girls who made a trip to the dumpster behind the apartment complex

hills and cc made a trip to the dumpster to dispose of a million bags of garbage and to hillary’s car to grab her a cigarette. we have a little family of cats behind the apartment complex that come around every now and then to eat what everyone leaves behind. hillary has a wendy’s cup(watered down coke from earlier that day) that is trash and cc suggests that they throw it away.

cc: at least we're feeding the cats
hills: yeah..
cc:it’s funny because they aren’t even our cats.. did you get the wendy’s cup?
hills: no, do you want to keep the cats up all night?
cc&hills: (laughs) *hillary has the most obnoxious laugh when something is really funny its pretty much the best*

hahah it was pretty dang funny you would've had to been there to understand.. hillary thanks for being you.

provo towne center

this weekend was really fun even though i have been super exhausted. like i said in my previous post tiana stayed two nights this weekend and we got to hangout a lot. i love my little sister so much. on top of that daryls family came up from washington to go to his cousins wedding friday afternoon. so while they were at the wedding his little sister megan, tiana, and i got to hangout before i had work. we took some fun pictures and had the opportunity to bond.

they dropped me off at work and then went to the mall. i hope you two had just as much fun as i did<3 the reception was at one of the buildings at byu and the food was so delicious and i got to meet most of daryls moms side of the family. everyone was so nice! i'm so sad that daryls family came and left so quickly, i hope we have the opportunity to drive up there and visit sometime soon.

snow white

registered for summer semester i'm pretty stoked! i liked my outfit today and i just thought these pictures were fun. tiana (my little sister) thinks i look like a dancer. this girl came into my work today and she looked over at me and she was like "awe cute, you look like snow white" what  a sweet compliment! anyway i'm really excited that ti is sleeping over 2 days this weekend. i hope everyone had a fantastic thursday!

well we're going to go get ourselves a midnight snack. wish there was a sconecutter in utah county >_<

speaks fluent english

hillary is one of the funniest people i know. yesterday she was so proud that she sent her resume to a hospital she was reading it outload to daryl and i and.. before i got any further i need to tell you the background story.

so hillary needed help writing her resume but i haven't had much time the last couple of days so i just sent her my resume and told her to edit the information and add hers.

back to the story-
she got towards the end and on my resume i added a languages section (since i speak spanish as well) and she kept it and she got to that part and read outloud, "speaks fluent english" daryl and i started laughing WAY hard it was SO funny!! then daryl made a joke that the person recieving her resume is going to think she's foreign and that it is some accomplishment that she can speak english.

hillary you crack me up i love ya!


Oh goll, I had such a fabulous Saturday night. I got to hangout with some of the coolest people I know. Who might these awesome people be? My grandparents and my little sister.

The night stated out with a dance party.. my grandpa didn't participate and I'm not posting the videos however Kandice if you're reading this you have a VIP pass to watch em ;P

Following that we played the sweetest game YAHTZEE! I decided we are having a grand tournament and whoever wins gets a prize! (I don't know exactly what that will be but I'll come up with something) here are some fun pictures from our night:

The Line up so far:
1st Place: Me
2nd Place: Grandma
3rd Place: Ti
& last but certainly not least Grandpa (he's pretty behind) ;P

Suit Up!

Well I had a job interview today, and I decided to take Barney Stinsons advise and I suited up.
(HIMYM is the GREATEST show ever, if you don't already watch it you should be ashamed)

I hope I get the job.. I guess now all I can do is wait.

I lost my CTR ring (pictured below) today.. not too happy about that.