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dumpster cats

this is a short story about two sleep deprived young girls who made a trip to the dumpster behind the apartment complex

hills and cc made a trip to the dumpster to dispose of a million bags of garbage and to hillary’s car to grab her a cigarette. we have a little family of cats behind the apartment complex that come around every now and then to eat what everyone leaves behind. hillary has a wendy’s cup(watered down coke from earlier that day) that is trash and cc suggests that they throw it away.

cc: at least we're feeding the cats
hills: yeah..
cc:it’s funny because they aren’t even our cats.. did you get the wendy’s cup?
hills: no, do you want to keep the cats up all night?
cc&hills: (laughs) *hillary has the most obnoxious laugh when something is really funny its pretty much the best*

hahah it was pretty dang funny you would've had to been there to understand.. hillary thanks for being you.


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  2. LOL! We got a few dumpster cats here haha :D

  3. You blog is so cute and the pics are FAB! Neat to read your life experiences. Thanks for your sweet sweet comment on my blog! I will follow ;-)

  4. Your blog is super cute. I love all the photos and LOVE your glasses.