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speaks fluent english

hillary is one of the funniest people i know. yesterday she was so proud that she sent her resume to a hospital she was reading it outload to daryl and i and.. before i got any further i need to tell you the background story.

so hillary needed help writing her resume but i haven't had much time the last couple of days so i just sent her my resume and told her to edit the information and add hers.

back to the story-
she got towards the end and on my resume i added a languages section (since i speak spanish as well) and she kept it and she got to that part and read outloud, "speaks fluent english" daryl and i started laughing WAY hard it was SO funny!! then daryl made a joke that the person recieving her resume is going to think she's foreign and that it is some accomplishment that she can speak english.

hillary you crack me up i love ya!


  1. Hillary, I would like to hire you...
    Cecilia, You are pretty...

  2. This is too funny! I've had a resume mess up or two (mostly due to editing when I was way too tiered). Lets just say more than one company think I'm incredibly crazy.
    Love your blog, doll! Definitely your newest follower!

  3. hahahahahahahahahah this is unbelievable i have to tell sean

  4. Thanks for your comment, i really like your header :)
    You've got a new follower :)


  5. ..you might want to go take a look at the comments on the post about you. you'll know once you see it. hahahahah

  6. a chick said you and ti are sexy. but she's not lesbian. you guys just are sexy. hahahah :P

    link to the blog party deets

    now i NEED to tell sean about this hillary story now that he's home