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Suit Up!

Well I had a job interview today, and I decided to take Barney Stinsons advise and I suited up.
(HIMYM is the GREATEST show ever, if you don't already watch it you should be ashamed)

I hope I get the job.. I guess now all I can do is wait.

I lost my CTR ring (pictured below) today.. not too happy about that.


  1. i'm glad you suited up! barney would be sooooo proud of his little cecilia!

    plus blazers are the best. i wish i had a million to wear. especially a floral one!

    what's this job interview for?? YOU NEVER TOLD ME! and how'd it go?!

    my phone's not lame! it just was a for a while. i'm going to have sean put some type of answering machine on it. so, duh, we can talk to each other to our heart's delight. i feel like your life started up again with working and interviews and midterms (i know they're finished) but the point is i never know when you're not busy and the days go by so fast with the little one that it's just... hard sometimes. but that's okay, i'm glad we get to catch up this way! haha it comes with pictures :)

    is your apartment all furnished now then or? i wanna see! and it's okay that you didn't come, we're kinda busy this weekend. i'd love to see ya this week though so come on over when you get the chance! ps. i'll just always respond to you in a comment, i don't like fb so i hardly get on anymore.

    yeah so we got seats, right but we're actually going with sean's parents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and some of his other family i think. i'm really not sure i just know it's a uvu. are the seats random or assigned?? would it be possible to sit together?? and i'm not sure about dinner before/dessert after. i have to get home asap to feed natalie. it'll be the first day i have to have her babysat and pump so she can eat while i'm gone. that means my boobs with hurt like crazy since she's not emptying them. i'm sorry :/ but we'll do something another time instead! i promise

  3. oh and...... i wish you had this post (and a blog for that matter) all those years ago when we argued about whether black and brown go together.......

    awkward..... hahahahah