Yahtzee!! | Dearest Lou


Oh goll, I had such a fabulous Saturday night. I got to hangout with some of the coolest people I know. Who might these awesome people be? My grandparents and my little sister.

The night stated out with a dance party.. my grandpa didn't participate and I'm not posting the videos however Kandice if you're reading this you have a VIP pass to watch em ;P

Following that we played the sweetest game YAHTZEE! I decided we are having a grand tournament and whoever wins gets a prize! (I don't know exactly what that will be but I'll come up with something) here are some fun pictures from our night:

The Line up so far:
1st Place: Me
2nd Place: Grandma
3rd Place: Ti
& last but certainly not least Grandpa (he's pretty behind) ;P


  1. hahahah a dance party! noo way i have to see those vids!
    i don't remember how to play yahtzee, you're gunna have to teach me and sean for the next tournament :)

  2. haha! that's awesome! i love yatzee... my parents wants to play all the time.