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can i have a little bite?

hello lovely readers,
yesterday i went to maceys and i bought some stuff in order to make daryl and i a lovely lunch before i had work. here are some pictures of the finished product. {i had the lady at maceys write that on one of daryl's donuts i thought it would be cute (^o^)

after work i came home and daryl and i were joking earlier that even though the donut has his name on it that hillary would still take "a little bite" {something you should know about hillary is that if she see's something good she always takes a bite} so i come home and i'm talking to her in her room and then she says, "sorry dude i was really hungry and i figured it would be okay so i took a bite of daryl's donut" i started laughing and she went on "well i looked through your pictures and i saw that you had five donuts and a delicious lunch i can buy him a new one?" haha she's so funny. so anyway she doesn't like to be alone and daryl and i were hungry so we all went out to dinner.

 hahah we all thought hillary and i looked high in that picture but my flash is extremely bright.. ask anyone. after we took daryl home hillary and i spent about 2 hours at walmart planning out easter weekend since i've never celebrated easter with all this cool easter stuff like coloring eggs and what not. i'm pretty eggcited.


  1. hahaha i love the high as a kite//just kidding pictures. you are too cute.
    aand can i get the first one with all of us then the other two with me in them?

  2. I am so hungry right now, haha and this didn't help... I love how the donut has a message, so so cute!

  3. hahaha funny!!
    All that food makes me hungry!!
    Glad you had such a great time, girl!!
    Have a good day, sweetie!

  4. blue/ indigo? damn... we did blue last week:( would have loved to include it:) try and round up stuff for pink/ purple:)

    haha. this is a cute story. and yummy lunch!

  5. yes you did! i love topknots. looks very cute on you :)

  6. Now I'm hungry. Damn. Make me lunch sometime? Kthnx.

  7. i was JUST thinking about that yesterday. how now that you're living with hillary and daryl is always around, they celebrate easter so you will too :) yay for cecilia's first easter.

    i should have gotten you the same "first easter" onsie and skirt i got natalie. you could match ;)

  8. oh yeah. i had more to say.

    hillary is getting tan!
    or is that just me (??)
    (i can kinda see where her eye things go..)
    but tan nonetheless and i'm jealous.

    also those bottom pictures... hahahah
    perfectly executed.

  9. That looks like a great lunch! :D

  10. I love maceys donuts and I love that you had her write that on there! Very cute!

  11. That sandwich looks so good and the donut is super cute!

  12. i keep telling you and jessica that i have absolutely NOTHING TO DO this entire weekend {therefore nothing to fill your thirst for a new post from me} can't wait til easter. i'm just sitting here.... siiiitttttiiiiinnnngggg hhheeeerrrreee.

  13. That is so special! Funny how well you know people! Ha ha!

    Have a Happy Easter

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  14. I love when I read your Barney Stenson title!! :) Love the photos, you make me giggle with your captions!

    YOur homemade lunch looks so yummy, I'm starving now!


  15. Oh my goodness! I could spend my entire life in WalMart... It's really too bad. Haha! That is such a funny story! I love the doughnut. :)

  16. oh hey since you went to walmart, you must have seen the glitter/tie dyeish egg coloring!! that's what we got!! did you?!