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egg coloring and rolling

hello everyone,i should be getting my laptop back this weekend and i'm super excited! sorry about taking forever to get back to everyone and not posting as often. here are some lovely pictures from my easter weekend. i hope you enjoy them.

on friday night kandice, tiana, natalie, and i went to daryls new place and ate some delicious food. after that we ran to walmart to get the supplies to color eggs. i rarely have my phone on me and little did i know that hillary was bringing 24 eggs and some stuff. we ended up with over 50 eggs! we had a lot of fun i love these girls so much. as you can see my hands got super dirty!
{"owl egg":created by me,"tyedye egg":created by me,"teaser egg":created by me,"baby orangutan egg":created by ti, "crazy egg":created by hills, "cause i'm yellow cause i'm yellow egg": created by me}

i LOVE this picture of habado<3

{so hillary asked if she had any egg in her egg and i found this huge chunk ti put there earlier (^_^)}
tiana, daryl, and i had the opportunity to join the wilcocks in their family tradition. it was really fun and i'm glad hills invited us. after we rolled eggs we went out to lunch and went to see rio! it was so funny i loved it.


  1. That is some dedicated egg colouring!

    Carla xx.

  2. that looks like such a blast! i've only colored eggs once but it was so much fun. i hope your finals went well! are you done with school now?

    kandice wants the i heart jesus shirt too. haha. i think when we all get together (which should be soon!) we should see if they still have them at forever 21. i swear i'm seconds away from buying it.

  3. haha I love how each eggs had its own personality, that's hilarious and looked like a lot of fun. :)

  4. you look so pretty in that first picture with you and ti :) are you wearing your new necklace that i liked?? :)

    glad you were finally able to post shep i looked probably every day since easter :P

    are we hanging tonight or whaa? txt me back!

  5. How fun! The eggs came out super cute.

  6. I love that you guys dyed eggs. I haven't done that in forever! The owl one is precious!

  7. I used to love painting eggs.

  8. Oh, what a fun egg dying/hunting adventure! Your eggs turned out so lovely :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  9. Hahah awesome eggs loooove all the silly faces!!

  10. Can you please do a post on your hair in that first picture?! Not that my hair is long enough to do that anymore, but I want to see what you did do! I love it! And those eggs are fantastic!

  11. Haha those eggs are awesome, cute pictures :)

    Xoxo Christine