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peacocks and cloudy days

hello all, this is just a quick outfit post. as you can see this was my thursday outfit. i can't begin to explain how excited i am for finals to finally be over and for summer.. it feels so far away. i'm going to have to study my butt off this weekend after i spend saturday morning and afternoon doing some traditions with the wilcock family. i'm pretty excited.


  1. awe cuuuuuuuute i want your button too!!! i'm going to steal it ;)
    i re-posted that video so hopefully it works now? i don't know.
    and i love those memories and don't think they're childish!! just crackin' jokes iz all. hah

    love those booties! my favorites like i told you :)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for having me and natalie over tonight and inviting us to the provo-asain barbecue with the million meats and rice. also for the adorable easter basket you made for me and all that cute/yummy stuff. thank you for letting me be there for your first easter tradition memories and letting me screw up some eggs. and thank you for blogging. hahahahahahah

    did you put the pictures in your photobucket?? i'll go upload mine there now.

  2. OMG!! Look at that ring!!! I want THAT ring!!
    Good luck with your finals, girl!!
    You can do it!! :)

  3. Thanks for visiting dear ^__^
    oohhh! Love the boots & the owl ring!!
    Good luck studying :)


  4. cute outfit! loving the ring a Owl lot!!

  5. you are SO cute! you resemble emmy rossum. or she resembles you.

  6. Love the peacock print! Very pretty. Goodluck on your finals!

  7. Yay for summer!!! :) If the weather would start acting like it, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it. Haha! Love the outfit! That ring is so cute!

  8. Where did you get that awesome owl ring??? I have a little obsession with owls, lol--super RAD dress and I love your tights/leggins. I have to find me an owl ring, lol...wait-I think I saw a few at wally-world the other day. I hate when I'm not shopping for myself :(

  9. ah you're done with school already?! i still have 4 more weeks to go! then graduation! woot woot! but you're done really early! lucky!!

    the color on your dress looks really really pretty! and such a cute owl ring!!

  10. Its so cute, you are adorable!!

  11. Superrrr cute outfit Cecelia!! I loveeee that dress! The peacock print is just too perfect for you!

    And yes, the bridge is just right around the corner from my school, so as you can tell, I go there often to sneak away and take outfit picks :)

    Good luck studying!! Have fun with your Easter activities! Have a "hoppy" Easter!! :)

  12. Good luck on finals! I know that's always a relief to be done with those! Have a happy Easter with your family!

  13. Love your style girl! Just found your blog :) Loving it so I am now your newest follower! I'd love if you followed me!

    Monique xx

  14. LOVE this outfit girl! Also I pretty much want my hair to be exactly like yours! It's gorgeous!

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