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feathers and miso soup

what the heck? blogger deleted this post yesterday when it wasn't letting anyone log on. did this happen to anyone else?
 saturday was awesome. hillary and i had a hair appointment with this lady but she bailed she was super unprofessional so we decided we would figure out how to put feathers in our hair and do it ourselves. they turned out better then most of the ones i've seen and we are very satisfied. we also picked up our dry cleaning and ran some errands down in the salt lake area. hillary bought the new katy perry cd and we have pretty much jammed out to it the whole way back to orem. i love #8 (E.T.). that night after we got all ready daryl and david cooked us some delicious japanese cuisine and daryl got these awesome little japanese drinks!! so this japanese person told daryl you can shut the lid somehow by sucking the marble back up and hillary kept trying and trying and. . . never did it. however, she was able to spit out half of her drink all over the floor which was super entertaining! david brought over liar liar i had never seen it before and it was super funny. thanks you guys for making my last saturday before summer semester super fun!


  1. God, that happened to me too!!
    I got your very sweet comment, thankfully before the post got deleted!
    I mentioned you in my new(which was old, the one you commented on!) post.


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  3. did ya not read blogger status?
    it happened to everyone who posted something yesterday and, some, the day before and it was only temporary.
    my post is back up and the draft posts i made yesterdayyyy.
    yours should be back up too sometime soon, shepina :)