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a very delayed mothers day post

My beautiful mom!
i want to thank you for always being there for me through every stupid little stage i went through growing up. thanks for loving and supporting me throughout the last 19 years. i hope you had a wonderful mothers day and i hope you know that you mean the world to me. i know we don't always get along but i treasure all of our memories. you are so funny and bring so much joy into my life. i wouldn't be the young woman i am today without you.

marti's last mothers day 2008
Tia Lupita, Ti, Me, and Marti (Mothers Day 2007)

gracias por todo. te extraño mucho, pero sé que estás en un lugar mejor. no puedo esperar a verte otra vez<3

as everyone already knows sunday was mothers day and i had the opportunity to go home and see my momma, grandmother, tia lupy, and aunt shauna i love them so very much. it was also kandice's first mothers day and i got to visit her and natalie for a little while. here are some pictures from last sunday and the past, i hope you enjoy them:

{then:grandma warner & i now: grandma warner 2011}

{me as a baby 1992}

{grandma & grandpa warner, my dad as a baby. and my aunt shauna as a little girl}
i love this picture! (1968)

{mommy, daddy, marti, tiana, and i 1995}
i hope all of you mothers had a happy mothers day!


  1. Aww lovely photos.

  2. Those pictures just made me say "awww" out loud a thousand times.

  3. oh, hey, nice additions to your blog ;)

    i love these old photos! you were such a cute little girl!
    and here's to grandmas with fros!! yours and mine are two of a kind. haha and your momma looks so cute in that last one

    i had a dream about us last night that was really weird...

  4. I love the old photos! So fun and cute. And better late than never right?? :)

  5. Such a cute post!