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Double dating with our dear friends

The past couple weeks we have been double dating with our dear friends Kandice and Sean. It had been quite a while since we hung out with them so it was really fun and we missed them. It's so hard to find good couple friends now-a-days.

On October 14th we went to the Strangling Bros Circus, it was the most terrifying haunted place I've ever been to. I HATE clowns and I think they're so freaky and to top it all off they pressured forced me into going first for nearly every room! If you are living in Utah or will be in town before Halloween we highly recommend it! When you are waiting in line they have the cheesiest videos playing and you see all these little scene kids from Sunset Ridge acting all bad-A and you're thinking, "What the heck did I get myself into?" However, once it's your turns group to go in it's a real treat. (At least it was for Daryl :P)

Anyway here's some pictures I stole from Here We Are. We didn't get any pictures at the haunted house or near the stuff but just trust us it's a must go this hoiday season!

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