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Double dating with our dear friends part 2

On October 21st Kandice and Sean showed us a great deal of hospitality and had us over for dinner, a movie, and carving pumpkins session. We had delicious homemade pad thai and Daryl and I are big fans of asian cuisine. Kandice and Sean don't eat meat so we had some sort of veggie meat which was super good. To top it all off we had my all time favorite desserts there pumpkin pie and cheesecake <3

After dinner we put in a scary movie (I forgot the name of it but it has John Cusick.) and starting carving our pumpkins. I had no idea what Daryl was carving but it was Hello Kitty he is so perfect! Kandice and Sean carved the coolest fox this side of the valley :P I had a good time reminiscing about old times and catching up with these two. Here are some more pictures I stole from Kandice.


  1. hahahahah go look at the comment you posted on my blog. it's from my profile.

  2. alright i sent you the rest of the photos i didn't edit of you guys from this night and i hope you got all of them from the haunted house night as well. you can get the button code from the "interested in sponsoring" link under my sponsors, there are few you can choose from if you're still interested (and, hey, make one up for me too when you have time!)

    natalie is tanner than most babies so, yeah, i kind of have my little brown baby. it'll look really good with curly brown locks too so i'm excited for that.

    and yeah, we need to hang out in the day because picture come out way better without flash and a dark room. AND (jeez haha) congratulations on winning that stuff, especially the hotel stay. i'm jealous.

  3. awww! this looks like TONS of fun!! i want to have some friends over and do this so bad! loved the pictures too.
    you have a lovely blog. you're so pretty. :)
    i'm having a GiVeAwAy!