Part 2: Birthday with friends | Dearest Lou

Part 2: Birthday with friends

Friday was part 2 of my birthday celebrations. Danielle was very sweet and took me out to Sushi for lunch and she even had them sing to me and bring me some ice cream. She got me a F21 gift card so after lunch we decided to shop for a bit before heading down to Orem. Daryl threw me a "semi-surprise" party and we ate some delicious Asian cuisine. We also made smores and everyone sang happy birthday to me it was a lot of fun. The one thing that sucks about having a November birthday is that it's FREEZING outside so we had to keep going inside to keep warm. I had a lot of fun and I'm thankful for all of my close friends who came to celebrate my birthday with us!


  1. i really liked that photo of natalie and dakota! haha the ice cream looks yummy and that first picture of natalie is funny, she looks frozen :)

    happy birthday pt 2

  2. what a fun birthday this is turning out to be! it looks like you just celebrated all over the place... that's exactly how birthday's should be!!
    you look beautiful as always, love the hair.

  3. @ Dish: I love that picture too! The ice cream was delicious it was the perfect mixture of everything. I like that picture of Natalie because I think she kinda looks like Dopey ;P

    @ Memory: Yeah it was a super fun birthday, very memorable (: Thanks so much you're so kind!