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Part 3: Birthday celebration w/ Dish/Double date

I didn't know that Kandice was going to come to the semi-surprise party Daryl threw for me on Friday so we planned on hanging out Saturday days in advance. I was awfully sick to my stomach Saturday morning but luckily I got better and we were able to hangout. We went shopping and got half of her bridesmaid outfit and spent the day just us girls (Kandice, Natalie, and I).
Later that evening the boys joined us and we went to Red Robin. The food was super delicious and it was definitely worth the 30 minute wait. Afterwards we went to their place and watched Bridesmaids, that movie is HILARIOUS. 
After the movie, Daryl and I headed back to Orem and we went to hangout at my place for a bit. Hillary left me my birthday presents on my desk and I was super excited to see what was inside. Here are some pictures of the thoughtful presents/cards my lovely friends gave me.


  1. that homemade card is AWESOME!! how creative!
    mmmm, that salad and burger look gooood. i'm hungry. i'm gonna go eat. :P

  2. yay shake weight! have you tried it out? and is that a piggy bank or just a mega figurine type thing? (funny how you were saying everyone got you sometime hello kitty)

    glad you had some fun!
    happy birthday pt 3

  3. so i've been following kandice for a while and know a bit about you, but i didn't know you were engaged!! how awesome! :) congrats!

  4. oh my word, that food looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Glad you had a great bday! ;)