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Pretty dress and red boots

Dress: Thrifted, Tights: Gift, Leg Warmers: F21, Red Boots: Ross (4 years ago)
I haven't done an outfit post in a while.. so I decided I would do one today since the weather was nice! I got my  hair cut the other day and I'm digging it, I haven't had layers in F O R E V E R! My hair feels super smooth and silky (no dead ends!). Even though I've been extremely busy with homework and studying this week, Daryl and I still made time to go out for a couple of hours. I seem to do better in school when I make a little time here and there to do fun things. I'm currently not doing so hot in one of my classes, I'm hoping that will change after I take this next exam.

In other news, I'm SO EXCITED for my bridal shower(s) tomorrow! Tiana, Kandice, and Dani have spent a great deal of time planning them for me. I really appreciate all of the hard work they've put into organizing this for me, they're the best<3 


  1. you look lovely! i adore your red boots. they make my day just by looking at them! your hair looks fab too!
    p.s. what's this i hear about you never have seen a cotton field?? ;)

  2. cheer up daryl. you're marrying a hottie.

  3. super cute outfit. loving those boots!

    i'm from southern california - orange county! about an hour south of LA. :) and my birthday was yesterday, on 11-11-11! so fun, although it's hard to live up to that epicness. hahaha

  4. i can't wait until this semester ends then. apparently sean gets like a month off or something? i can't remember what he said. but it'll be cool once everything cools down because natalie and i are starting to get bored. we even put our christmas tree up yesterday! hahah and hung our stockings and bought a christmas wreath, wrapping paper, jammies. so much fun!

    oh and we went out to eat today while we were up in the mountains looking for pinecones for a diy i'm doing. we went to taste of india and it was surprising delicious and it's nice to be able to put a check mark next to something vegan finally. the cleanse is still going on we just felt hungry and went for it :) we want to take you guys there, you'll definitely like it!

    oh and i wasn't sure but you saw my first bridal shower post too right? i didn't want you to miss that if you didn't realize i posted both of them :)

  5. i just realized this post is all ll.ll.ll at ll:11

  6. Hahah I know I purposely scheduled it at that time.. lame right? ;P