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Scenes from my bridal showers

Tiana and Kandice did such a great job on planning my bridal shower(s). Kandice made all of the decorations pictured herself (she's insanely crafty) I mean look at those cookies, they look professionally done (; Dani and her mom made a lot of the food and it was amazing! Mimi and Karen made the yummiest cream puffs, who would have known that all of my good friends are amazing cooks? 

All of the games we played were a hit and well planned out. I especially loved the one where Daryl "joined" us and the underwear designing one. I couldn't have asked for a better shower, I had an amazing time and I'm so thankful for my friends and family who took the time to come and celebrate with me. 



  1. the streamers are amazing! cute!

  2. aww, sweet friends. : i love those cookies! what a great idea hahaha

  3. oh and i asked jess about the condom popping and she said it would only work if i specified that you have to find a way to pop it between the two FACING each other. everyone immediately turned back and popped it that way but it wasn't popping for us because, first of all, we had to make humping motions which is why it's funny in the first place, and there are too many grooves for it to hang out (your crotch).

    darn it :/

  4. haha G-spot panties, nice. What a funny party :p