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Tulle dress and mocassins

Dress: Tuelle (Thrifted), Tights: UO,  Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: Thrifted
I got to spend some quality time with my dear friend Kandice today. We started out the day by meeting with the wedding planner and getting final details done for the wedding reception. I'm really pleased with everything we accomplished today and everything is coming along nicely! My cake is going to be so unique and I'm glad she understood my vision.. I can't wait!
After spending a few hours with her, we decided to get my flat tire checked out and instead of going straight there we somehow ended up in the parking lot of a thrift store and found some real gems! I can't wait to wear all my neat stuff.. I spent too much money but we developed a "relationship" with some of the pieces and just couldn't say no :P Thrifting is an addiction.. especially when you're a super bargain shopper/coupon-er like myself.
We then finally found our way to Big-O tires and froze are butts off while we took a few pics and spent some quality time together. I love this girl so much.
Shep n' Dish Fall 2011 Edition


  1. yayyyyeee! i love you so much! yesterday was the best, i'm glad we got to spend so much time together and i absolutely LOVED being able to go with you to meet with your wedding planner :)

  2. go to my page (so that the picture of the both of us is blown up nice and big) and you'll see that our faces and hair make the shape of a heart.

    hahah aweeeeeeee

  3. i am dying for your shoes!! if you know one thing about me, know that i love a good moccasin.

  4. i LOVE your dress!

  5. Thrifting is sooooo addicting! It's hard not to buy something only a few dollars:-) I feel like I'm winning the lottery every time! xoxo

  6. @ Bon Bon: Oh my gosh I know what you mean! I told my fiance to restrict me from going to the thrift store this week since I've spent too much money ;P

  7. Thrift store shopping is a great way to lose a couple of hours. I love that dress by the way. :) It looks great with the tights too.

  8. Wedding planning is too much fun! I told my sisters that I'd happily plan both of their weddings...they agreed.

    Have a blast!
    And I adore your outfit, beautiful!

  9. Such a cute outfit! Your blog is so fun! I can't wait to read more!!


  10. Cute outfit! I like how you wore the leggings with the moccasins. That's so fun that you're doing your wedding plans! I found you through the Mormon fashion bloggers! Your so pretty and I like your style! Lovely blog :)

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

  11. you two are gorgeous. OF COURSE i'm going!! knowing you, it's going to be beautiful!!! i am so excited! also, i don't want my butt kicked by you two. haha, i'll be there.

  12. Just found your blog from Gentri's, YOU are gorgeous and have gorgeous style! YAY that you are getting married WAY SOON TOO! Can't wait to keep reading and I'm your newest follower! :)