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Belated birthday post for my dearest Dish

Dearest Kandice Tolman (Dish, Dishy, Dearest friend, Kandish, Tolman child, K-dog, etc.etc.),
Yesterday was your 20th birthday, I hope it was everything you wanted and more. I have a card for you and that's where I have written some sweet (& more personal) things for you but I wanted to do a little something for you blog edition. This collage didn't turn out as awesome as I envisioned it, but I hope it reminds you of all of the great UNFORGETTABLE times we've had over the years. Can you believe we've been best friends for a little over 7 years now? (I know we had some rough patches here and there but let's just forget about those alright ;P) From the time we were 13 until now a lot has changed.. and things will continue to change but we will always be close as any two friends can get. I know Heavenly Father put you in my life for a reason and I couldn't have gone through all of the good and bad things that have happened throughout the years without you <3

In honor of your birthday I chose 20/365 little memories that I wrote for you back in December 2007. I hope these make you laugh as much as they made me and remind you of the friendship we had HAVE:

  1.     5. When my grandma pushed you so she could get to the hot pockets
  2. 46. You stealing MY purple shirt
  3. 77. “Warm Regards”-Shep n’ Dish
  4. 92. Playing 'Would You Rather?' down in the secluded area and Kelsey wanting to turn back
  5. 97. Devil's Ring Around the Rosie’s jeeez
  6. 127. You wanting to grow your “bangs to the floor”
  7. 147. 1-800-YOU-WISH
  8. 156. Kelsey and “Cavy” hooking up
  9. 165. “What’s up Baby Girl”- Ambig’s big black voice
  10. 205. Attempting to do the “I'm bossy” thing
  11. 212. Making fun of girl at Lagoon because of her holey pants...finding out she was with Donovan
  12.  221. Sitting on your curb at night discussing stuff
  13. 242. “I’m a hippopotamus and I’ve got noodles on my back. .”
  14. 273. That girl that put on WAYYY TOO MUCH lip gloss on the bus
  15.  288. Blurting “WHOS SKYLA!?!?!” in the halls in ninth grade
  16. 291. Being "hypnotized" by some dumbs d: hahahahh
  17. 303. Matt’s face story
  18.  315. You laughing to DEATH at basketball practice when I was copying you
  19. 341. The 2007 Annual Apple Games with Jordan Chase Whiting
  20. 348. Watching that lame scary movie at my house for my birthday and seeing that lady “hit” that girl with the stick.

And in honor of your 21st year of living there’s one more thing I’d like to say..

“359. I’m so lucky to have a friend like you.”


  1. what do i even say to a post like this? awe, shep, this is incredibly sweet and unexpected ♥

    i can't wait to see you today so i can give you a great big hug and spend some good quality time.

    i wish i read this with you here so i could laugh with you and respond that way but i'll probably still do that but i want to just say a couple things about it on here...

    i can't believe you posted that sleeping picture of me! hahahah i was sooo embarrassed of that back in the day and now i look at it and it's kind of a good picture of someone sleeping. hahahaha god knows i don't usually look like that ;p

    i hope someone really takes the time to look at those photos and you get a question about the korean slut one. peheheh

    but at least you get a little taste of how H A R D C O R E scene we were. no... ARE!

    you're so great, and you've been so great for years. i'm glad god moved us to west jordan just down the street from you. made us the same age (only a month apart exactly) and made us so similar and so different in the right way so that we can fit each other in our life puzzles (even if i had to kind of jimmy it and force my way in at first. hahahahahah but i knew it must be done.)

    these are the memories that made me laugh a lot in particular:

    #77 with "warm regards" totally forgot but, when saying it, it STILL has the same affect! hahah

    #92 -forgetting that ever happened! hahahah SO FUNNY.

    #97 had much to do with who we are today ;) biiiiig part of our lives.

    #156 SERIOUSLY?!?!? whyyyy would we say that HAHAHA that's hilarious. seriously, who would say that because, now, looking back, i kind of see it like they DID date... idk.. hahahah

    WHO'S SKYLA?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH we thought we were the shiznit.

    awe... ambig i miss you if you're... "out there" and your little bro with his annual apple games. i wonder how those are going for him...

    my favorite memory would probably have to be the basketball day. it was just perfect.

    i love you i love you i love you.
    i love you.

    until the end, sweet friend.

    but i'll always cherish #5 ♥

  2. What a sweet post :) Happy belated bday Kandice! Thanks for your sweet comment!

    xo sherri

  3. SO CUTE! i love memories like that with friends. :) kandice has such a great friend in you! happy belated birthday kandice!!

  4. go to my pinterest "for shep" board RIGHT NOW and see the new editions. i'm going to FLIP :D