January 2012 | Dearest Lou

Tuesday Treasures

Here are some of my favorite pictures I've seen on blogger this last week. 
I've attached links to their lovely blogs.. go take a gander (;

I absolutely love this picture that Berni took, reminds me of warm summer nights!

 Kendra has the cutest little family and I love all of the pictures from their daughters 1st birthday!

Haley has the cutest baby bump and just had this photo shoot last week.

 I loved this edition of Alyx's WIWW.

Alexa and her husband came up with the cutest baby announcement ever!

 I fell in love with this picture Elizabeth took of the Hoover dam.

 I love this picture of Mindee and her daughter Zoee. 

 Janette is so creative and talented, doesn't this donut look super good?

 Melissa's blueberry pancakes look like they belong in a cooking magazine!

Dana makes the cutest deer on the face of the Earth! This would be perfect for my future little one.


Well I need to be honest with you guys, I haven't lived up to all of my New Year Resolutions that I made. I decided I would update on my progress and I'm curious to see how everyone else is doing.

I want elaborate on the three that I'm struggling with. . .

#1 Ending my long-term relationship with procrastination
I have been working really hard on not procrastinating homework, but this final semester is really kicking my butt. The classes are pretty difficult and require a lot more work than higher level courses I have taken in the past. My internship also requires a bare minimum of 30 hours a week and lots of studying to get all of the material down. However, once this semester is done it will all be worth it. 

#2 Workout 5 days a week
This week was my first week making it to the gym 5 times! The days I didn't go to the gym I lacked energy and was a lot more sleepy. My fitness goal for this upcoming week is to run one mile every day that I workout, even on strength training days. I hate running because it's so easy to stop before hitting your goal distance! However, there's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a tough run. I want to see if I can find a place in my heart for running and actually enjoy it! 

#3 Enjoy life
As simple as it may sound sometimes it isn't easy to be happy and carefree about everything. I feel that if I mastered the other two goals this one wouldn't be so tough. I really look up to Daryl because I swear the kid is never sad and he never complains about anything. He can turn any situation upside down and be positive about it. Whenever there is a day where I didn't workout or I'm behind in school I can't help but feel down. He always knows what to do to make me happy and I really appreciate having a loving husband that knows what to do in almost any circumstance. I really want to work on enjoying life, no one enjoys being around a grumpy-grump!

Other than those three goals I feel that I've improved tremendously with my other resolutions. How is everyone else doing on their New Year Resolutions? Do you have any advice on the three that I'm struggling with?

Red scarf and gold heels

Shirt: Rue 21 || Scarf: Old || Belt: Vintage c/o Grandma Carol || Skirt: Thrifted || Tights: F21 || Heels: Wet Seal   

Here's a little peak of what I wore Thursday. It's just something I threw together before running some errands and hanging out with my sister. I haven't been the best blogger the last couple of days. I've been spending time with family, finishing off my two weeks at my current job, and moving into our new place.

I don't know if any of our friends who helped us move read my blog, except my parents, hi mom and dad! However, I want to thank everyone that took the time to come out and help us move. 

Well I've got a date with the Sandman (AKA Daryl)

Distinctive fox and coral jeans

Turtle neck: Urban Outfitters || Cropped top: Charlotte Russe || Jeans: Lucky thrifted || Boots: Tilly's || Fedora: Don't remember || Dream catcher necklace: C/O Grandma Carol

I bought some new clothes the other day and one of my favorite things is taking off the tags and wearing it for the first time. Not sure how to describe the smell of new clothes, but I'm sure you know the smell, don't you? Anyway, I mainly went shopping for Daryl and got him some sweet new rags at Vans. 

I was excited to come home and have him model them for me. Well, once I got home and he tried them all on I noticed that he threw all his new stuff in the dirty laundry hamper. I asked him why he threw it in there and this was his reply,

"It's dirty." 

SAY WHAT!? I just freaking bought all that! I then remembered that previously before our marriage (back in the "dating days") he made a valid point that who knows who tried on those clothes and what they did to them in the dressing room. 

Well friends, I'm wondering who actually takes the time to wash something before wearing it for the first time. I know I sure don't unless it's thrifted of course. You know what would be funny if I get all responses saying that y'all do and we find out I'm the real nasty haha.

Well I'm off to bed, I have a late night movie to watch with my man. See ya!

Tuesday Treasures

Here are some of my favorite pictures I've seen on blogger this last week. 
I've attached links to their lovely blogs.. go take a gander (;

 Deer in a Bottle's highlights from Beijing post, I'm super jealous!
 Sherri Amour's super cute bag!
 A Lost Feather's mad photography skills.
 Basil 's amazing color combo, I love mustard yellow!
 HereWeAre finally getting engaged to her man and her stunning ring!
 The Fairest takes the prettiest pictures ever. . don't those muffins look delicious?
 The Bradley's daughter has the cutest curls and I'm digging the lace trim.
 Purvi's Creative Hub I love her artwork!
 Much love, Illy looking adorable as always!
A Dash of Sass doesn't this Gelato look amazing?!


 || Celebrating Daryl's birthday with family || Five Guys || Daryl being silly @ Olive Garden || Sushi w/ Dani and Sunny 
|| An adorable cookie from my lovely friend Whitney's baby shower || Floral dress I wore to church ||

Things I'm loving

>>>ONE || TWO || THREE || FOUR || FIVE || SIX<<<

Minnie mouse, pearls, and combat boots

Top: Maurices || Sweater//Necklace//Sunglasses: F21 || Black Undershirt: Rue21 || Jeans: Down East Basics || Boots: Charlotte Russe || Bracelets: Green pearls (c/o: Grandma Carol) White Pearls&Army green bracelet: Delias

Guess what? Daryl and I got an apartment! We officially move in on the first of next month. It's so nice and it has that "home-y" feel that we were looking for. I'm excited to move in and start decorating the place. Spending most of Christmas vacation with his family and living with my family the last couple of weeks has been lots of fun but I'm excited to move into our first place together. We will have to throw a little housewarming party once we have all of our stuff situated (;

Proudly participating in blackout

"If enacted, SOPA/PIPA could have disastrous consequences for the basic infrastructure of the Internet. It would afford the Federal government and copyright holders excessive and far-reaching powers to take down sites they deem to be hosting protected content with little regard for the definition of hosting." -Mashable

Jason Harvey @ blog.reddit posted THIS today. If you haven't heard about SOPA & PIPA his post summarizes them pretty darn well. I highly encourage you fellow bloggers to participate in this strike because if this act goes through, most blogs and awesome sites as we know them will be changed forever.

Click here to join protest!
Dearest Lou will be "blacked out" Jan 18th from 8am to 8pm EST

Belated birthday post for my dear husband

I hope you had a Happy 23rd Birthday!
I love you and I'm so happy we get to spend eternity together.
I wouldn't have it any other way (;
Love,  Your Lou

Lace sweater and my old red boots

The first week of school has been overwhelming. I'm not sure if it's been the same for you guys, but gee, I feel like there's so much to do already. I'm sure things will be better once Daryl and I are living in Utah County so we don't have to comute back and forth. By the way, Daryl got the job he applied for and we are so grateful! I'm so proud of him.

Anyway, we took my outfit picture indoors because we forgot to take my camera to Utah County and by the time the we got home the sun was long gone. I've been really into over-sized sweaters the last couple of days since they're super comfy and go with pretty much anything. I decided to pair my favorite sweater with a bold skirt and my infamous old red boots. I've been doing all sorts of crazy hairdos since I got my hair cut last week. Just incase anyone is wondering, this is just curls and a side braid.

I'm looking forward to this weekend I get to go to a friends baby shower and celebrate Daryl's birthday. Happy Friday everyone!

Bowling and Uno

This last Saturday, my dear friend Phong celebrated his 22nd birthday at All Star Lanes! We had such a great time bowling our hearts out. We did a little bracket amongst Daryl, Kota, Ti, and I, Daryl beat us by far! I had no idea he was such a pro. He should have been playing against Phong and Anthony. 

After bowling we went over to Phong's and had some delicious Vietnamese cuisine. We played the most confusing game of Uno! I swear Phong was changing the rules left and right :P My little sister had one of her laugh attacks since she found Phong very humorous, which made us all laugh. 

Laugh attacks are one of the best things in life. 

January Sponsors

Hello Friends,

I'm here to introduce you to 8 of my lovely January Sponsors! They are all super awesome and I encourage you to visit their lovely blogs, shops, etc. I have had such a great time working with them and I'm sure you'll love them too!

Each of the girls will tell you a little bit about themselves and what their New Years Resolution is. 


Links: Blog || Pinterest
About my blog: Sherri Amour is a personal style blog and photo diary that focuses on modest thrifted fashion. 

New Year's Resolution: Learn how to break dance and write in my journal daily.

Links: Blog || Facebook 
 About my blogHey there! My name is Alyx and I blog over at Every Day is a New Adventure. Hubby and I are currently living in Germany, trying to make the most of this adventure while we can! At my blog you'll find everything random with some food and fashion thrown into the mix. Come stop by, I'd love to meet you!

New Year's Resolution: Very cliche, but... get healthy again! I used to work out 5-6 times a week... Now, well, let's just say it's definitely not that much. I'm happy to report, though, that so far, so good! 

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About my blog: Newlyweds on a Budget is all about crafting on a budget. My husband and I live in married student housing for the next few years and my blog is all about trying to make cement walls look pretty on a $15 a month budget. I try and show my readers how much you can do on a small budget.

New Years Resolution: My New Years Resolution is to be more organized-if only my closet looked like this: (Shoe picture above source:  http://love-stoned.tumblr.com/page/139 )

Links: Blog ||  Etsy || Photoblog
 About my blogHi! I'm Lex from He&I. I'm a newly married woman, a photo fanatic, and die hard chocolate addict. Our blog is basically a leetle snippet of our life and all the silly, crazy things the hubs and I do together. 

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About my blog: The Hinton Hook-Up is a lifestyle blog. It's my little brew of life and lessons learned as a newlywed, young business professional, and woman of faith. I also write about fitness, food, and my journey to fashion.

New Year's Resolution: In 2012, I want to travel! I'm finally in a great place in life to do just this. I'm married (perfect travel buddy!), I have a great job (to pay for these travels), and no children (= no babysitters needed). Luke and I would love to travel to California, Chicago, and go back to NYC at least once. I'm already in the process of planning our 1 year anniversary trip!

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 About my blog: Hey There, my name is Petchie and I'm over at Petchie's BlogBook. I started blogging about a year ago to keep track of my wedding planning but since then my blog has turned into pretty much a little bit of everything. I do weekly Wedding Wednesday posts where I discuss my wedding planning, Monday guest post where I feature brides with pictures tips, and advice, and I also share pictures on my blog, stories and things on my mind.

New Year's Resolution: My New Year Resolution, to name just one from my list that I posted here, is to relax a little more (I'm always stressed out!) and just enjoy these last few months of wedding planning before my big day in June!

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About my blogHello! I'm Rachael, creator of The Paraders. We are the online vintage resource of Chicago, a place not only to shop vintage, but also to learn about vintage . The Paraders is a curated shop full of hand-picked, stunning vintage from the 1920s through the 1980s.  Follow us for updates on our new website launch and our spring dress line designs!

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About my blog: Hi there! My name is Noelani and I blog over at Our Beautiful Little Journey. A place where you will find things relating to - marriage, parenting, Faith, as well as the Military life. Feel free to head on over and introduce yourself! I love "meeting" new people! :)

New Year's Resolution: My New Years Resolution is to GROW. Grow more in my Faith towards God. Grow more as a mother. Grow more as a wife. Grow more as friend. Grow more as a person.