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Floral blouse and bright lips

This is an outfit that I failed to post before I left Washington. 

It is good to be home, I really missed the sun. I mean, the rain is good every once and a while, but going days without seeing the sun is awful!  I must apologize for the lack of posts this winter break. Daryl and I have been very busy trying to find a place to live and catching up with friends and family that we missed dearly. 

Anyway, my little sister gave me this blouse for my birthday and I think it's absolutely adorable! The bright floral print was exactly what I needed to cheer me up from the gloomy weather. I matched it with some black skinnies and my beige heels (I only brought 2 pairs of shoes to Washington). I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Good luck with the new semester to all the University kids.


  1. Love that top and necklace!
    <3 Carrie

  2. is the glimpse of the haircut? ;)

    thank you for the sweet things you said in your comments. except for the eyeliner remark. haha i went back and looked and i almost can't believe it. eyeliner on the bottom even. i look weird. and it's hard to believe i was even bigger than i am now :(

    i've got almost everything finished for natalie's party. i would have loved the help (well really i would have loved the girl time, i didn't need the help from even sean) but i totally understand your situation. i really hope you find a house to live in soon! can't wait to see you again, louy.

  3. seriously, cecilia? you're gorgeous.

  4. Oh I love that necklace it is totally beautiful. You look ace!


  5. The blouse is really cute! And the necklace is way cool. I have one identical to it, but it's WAY smaller. Never seen one that big. I like it a lot!! And love the bright lips! Way to be bold girl !

    XO. A Southern Bee Diary


  6. Loved your edgy statement necklace with a nice floral blouse :) :)

  7. hi! i'm over from gentr's blog (also following you now :) ) and i have to say i am obsessed with that necklace! what a gorgeous statement peice!! where did you get it?

  8. Well dear..seriously..you always look gorgeous! love your blouse!

  9. Lovely blouse and amazing necklace!!


  10. How ADORABLE are you?! So glad I found you :-)

    Following you,