Tuesday Treasures | Dearest Lou

Tuesday Treasures

Here are some of my favorite pictures I've seen on blogger this last week. 
I've attached links to their lovely blogs.. go take a gander (;

 Deer in a Bottle's highlights from Beijing post, I'm super jealous!
 Sherri Amour's super cute bag!
 A Lost Feather's mad photography skills.
 Basil 's amazing color combo, I love mustard yellow!
 HereWeAre finally getting engaged to her man and her stunning ring!
 The Fairest takes the prettiest pictures ever. . don't those muffins look delicious?
 The Bradley's daughter has the cutest curls and I'm digging the lace trim.
 Purvi's Creative Hub I love her artwork!
 Much love, Illy looking adorable as always!
A Dash of Sass doesn't this Gelato look amazing?!


  1. Oh I like this post a lot! And Sarah DOES have magical photographic skills... And nice picks! Gonna have to check out some of these blogs when I get a chance!

    Janette the Jongleur

  2. I am so about to reach through the screen to eat that gelato! Oh so good looking! I most likely to make a TCBY run tonight just because of your post lol.

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair


  3. Ooooh love that blue bag!

  4. I love this feature! Thanks so much for featuring me...sure made my day :)

  5. Aw wow! Thank you for including me ♥ These pictures are all so pretty and yeah, that gelato looks divine!! I would love to try that vanilla lavender chocolate chip ;D

  6. I'm always looking for great new reads, so this is perfect! Thanks!

  7. I loved that outfit by McKenzie on Basil! The mustard yellow was fabulous!

  8. awww this was so exciting to see! : ) thanks so much for mentioning me! So glad you like it : )

    although, that gelato picture completely eclipses mine. yum.

  9. oh my gosh I looooove that fur vest.

  10. omg, please give me some of that gelato! would love some right now, lol.. :-) Cool stuff on here so adding you to my google..maybe follow each other? let's talk soon!

    Hugs from NYC!


  11. Thank you SO much for including us Lou!!! I love all these bloggers!!

  12. love all of these pics!! thanks for sharing them!

    i wanted to invite you to enter a giveaway i'm hosting together with tommy hilfiger, it's open to readers worlwide!!!