Tuesday Treasures | Dearest Lou

Tuesday Treasures

Here are some of my favorite pictures I've seen on blogger this last week. 
I've attached links to their lovely blogs.. go take a gander (;

I absolutely love this picture that Berni took, reminds me of warm summer nights!

 Kendra has the cutest little family and I love all of the pictures from their daughters 1st birthday!

Haley has the cutest baby bump and just had this photo shoot last week.

 I loved this edition of Alyx's WIWW.

Alexa and her husband came up with the cutest baby announcement ever!

 I fell in love with this picture Elizabeth took of the Hoover dam.

 I love this picture of Mindee and her daughter Zoee. 

 Janette is so creative and talented, doesn't this donut look super good?

 Melissa's blueberry pancakes look like they belong in a cooking magazine!

Dana makes the cutest deer on the face of the Earth! This would be perfect for my future little one.


  1. Aww I feel honoured to have my pic on here, you are TOO SWEET! x

  2. That Deer is sooo cute...plus the other photos are all amazo!

  3. The first picture makes me so ready to say goodbye to all this snow and hello to summer! And oh goodness at those blueberry pancakes! Yes please.

  4. I am honored to have my hideous WIWW post on your wonderful blog!! :)
    And that baby announcement is too fun! I love how creative people are getting with those things!
    That donut looks AMAZING. Pretty sure my mouth is watering like crazy right now!

  5. Do you have baby fevveerrr??!!! hehehe

  6. that first photo's so dreamy. i'm SO stoked that it seems as though winter is just passing us by.

    it's for sure crazy. but i'm dying to get out of this house and take natalie... anywhere.

  7. Aww lovely pics! :)

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  8. Cute! I love the idea of sharing pictures from around blogland.

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  9. yay, you just introduced me to a lot of new bloggers to become obsessed with :)
    xo TJ

  10. i have so totally been rockin' the sweats lately. (i practically live in them constantly)


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  12. I simply love all the pictures!

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  13. Your blog is captivating! And you are gorgeous! I'll be following for sure! Hope to see you over at my ramblings sometime! xoxo