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Sponsor Spotlight// How we spent our day of love

Hello Friends,
I just got a new sponsor and she's such a doll. Her name is Christy Lee and she blogs over at C. LEE. She has an adorable family and she is just the cutest thing, really! Her posts are inspiring and her blog is all around amazing. I'm sure you'll love her so here's a little spill on her blog with some of her links. Go share some love!

My blog is my love letter to my family. Sharing the immense love I feel for my three children and husband. It is about enjoying the journey of motherhood. Improving and strengthening our marriage and family. Embracing the chaotic days and learning to laugh. Documenting life's precious little moments. It is my thoughts and things I enjoy. My journey to making my life a better overall life. Having faith and sharing experiences. Showing that being a mom is the best job in the world.

Also, Rebekah, Sherri, and I are going to share with you all how we spent our Valentines Day. For those of you not familiar with their lovely sites there's a little blurb about their lovely fashion blogs as well. I've been working with both of these girls for a couple of months now and simply adore them. I'm sure you'll love them too ;P

Head Over Heels is a life and style blog. I love sharing my ventures into finding my personal style with all of you. {I also love sharing my fabulous shoe finds with you!}

All I wanted for Valentine’s day were flowers and when I got home from work these were sitting by the door waiting for me! {Best husband ever award goes to my hubby!}

Ahoy! I'm Sherri, a 24 year old from Winnipeg, Canada. Over at SHERRIAMOUR you'll find my take on style, daily musings, and lucky thrift finds. I also represent modesty in all my wear because it's something important to me. 

For valentines I ended up having a gurls night; dressing up, shopping, watching 'The Vow', and getting dessert! It was a good one. and I made this flower crown to make myself feel pretty :)

Now go check out these lovely ladies blogs ASAP!

How Daryl and I spent our Valentines

We ended up going to Olive Garden on Valentines Day  night and watched HIMYM like I mentioned in this post previously. We were planning on going out again Saturday since he had the day off but ended up doing this instead.

Here are some pictures from our night:

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  1. Thanks Cecelia! It looks great! Your v-day sounds fun!

  2. Thanks so much Cecilia! Glad to be able to work with you again :)

  3. awe looks like such a fun vday! you have the best smile ever!

  4. You are absolutely adorable! <3 Sarah


  5. awww..your new sponsors are all gorgeous!! :)
    will def. check their blog now :)

    you and your boyfie look so sweet together too! <3

  6. your valentine's day sounds like it was fun. there's nothing better than olive garden breadsticks and himym. nothing.

  7. Aww sweet followers you have there! I just friended you on Chictopia and decided to check out your blog and I have to say...I love it! I'm definitely following you now ;)


  8. i came across your blog couple of weeks ago, you're cute and i love how daring you are in your outfits, great job ;)

    Please check out my blog and follow me as well, thanks ;)

  9. I'm now following you my lovely :) yayyy!! xxxx

  10. we've had the olive garden twice (once more for sean's birthday dinner with his parents and then... well.. you know the other night.. with the "flame juice"

    we suck BIG time.

    1. i just scrolled back up and stopped on daryl and looked at him for a second and then thought about sean for a second and then thought

      . . . . . . . .

      those are the boys. it's weird. daryl's the guy you're like... married to. same for sean(almost/basically).. isn't that weird? after everything we been through.

      it's just weird to think about okaaaay ;)

  11. hi! yeah i remember you. hope you're okay and congrats on getting married! :)xx

  12. Oh I love Sherri. A lot. I love Olive Garden too!

    (Love your new blog look, little miss Lou. It's my first time seeing.)


  13. I don't think I've ever eaten at Olive Garden, though one did just open up here in Alaska after years of people talking about it, haha. I'm starting to think I've been missing out?