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Sunday Confessions

So the awesome Alyx of Every Day is a New Adventure does this little thing called Sunday Confessions and I decided I would have a go at it. Something really funny about Alyx is she always does things in lists of 5. So I figured I would do 5 confessions in her honor.

 1|| There's a 97.9% chance that if you see me wearing this hat and I'm not wearing makeup that my hair is greasy. 
2|| I'm addicted to rice. I eat it at least twice a day, usually for breakfast and dinner. I never get sick of it. Crazy right?
 3|| I make the BEST ugly faces ever and guess what? I enjoy it! Want to take a crazy picture, hit me up!
 4|| Back in March 2005 I wrote a letter to my future husband. Take note that I was 13 and had no idea what I was talking about. Anyway, on the time capsule I wrote to not open until our honey moon. I totally spaced it but Daryl remembered as soon as we got back to Utah. My parents and sister crowded around the bed as Daryl un-dusted the little nasty. To my surprise the thing was even more embarrassing and horrific than I remembered. Everyone had a great laugh out of it! Oh and did I mention that I called him "Future HOTTIE" at least 20 times? And to think we have it all on video.
5|| I HATE even numbers! I know it's strange but if I have my way I won't do things evenly.


  1. the thing with the letter is so cute & i admire everyone who can make ugly faces and feel good about it (and look good too while doing them =) )

    xo Ola

  2. Thanks for linking up, Cecilia!!
    I would be so sick of rice by now if I were you!! but at least you love rice and not something horrible for you like fried butter, right? Ha.
    That letter idea is great. I think we had an activity like that at YW when I was about 13, but I'm sure my letter is in a box of random stuff at my parents' house!!

  3. ha ha this post is so funny! Loved reading it! The time capsule thing that you did for your future hubby, is so awesome! I did one at that age for an activity in our ward and my hubs opened it when we got engaged, SO funny and embarrassing. I'm right with ya on that one!
    ps-I love your hat, and you look so pretty without makeup!

  4. This is so funny. I love rice too! Plain white rice. Is something wrong with us? :)

    Happy Sunday!

  5. found you through sunday confessions!
    i am right there with you on the hat, greasy hair thing haha it works wonders on days when you just don't feel like getting ready. aaand ugly faces in pictures, aren't they the greatest? if you can't take an ugly picture and laugh at yourself, then something is wrong haha.
    love. amy.

  6. HAha love this post! And I think it's funny that you hate even numbers. My bf hates odd numbers and goes insane when the radio volume is set on an odd number.

  7. ugh rice.

    i'm glad natalie can't read because she'd puke everywhere.

    (unless there's teriyaki sauce on it.. or it's ham fried.. or that sweet sauce they give you at china chefs for those deep fried chip things... or in accompaniment with fish and seaweed and tempura and spicy mayo or eel sauce!!! wahooo!!)

    you should do a confession post for the people who already know you. haha now that would be interesting. i already know all of these things ;p

    ps. move to herriman.

    1. Haha well maybe next Sunday I will, but you know A LOT about me so it will be hard to think of some!

      I'll tell Daryl maybe we can sometime soon! (;