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BYU Blogger Meetup

||Lauren and Madison from Awkward Girls||
The BYU Blogger Meetup was a lot of fun! Brooke, Elisabeth, Lauren, and Madison did a great job of planning the whole night. There were lots of delicious treats, music, and getting to know a lot of faces that looked awfully familiar. There were a lot more bloggers that I expected and I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone but all of the girls I had a chance to meet were really sweet. 

Here's some pictures I got with some of the ladies:
||Elisabeth from La Vita e Bella & Brooke from Silver Lining||
|| Rachel from Rachel Sayumi||
||Alycia from Crowley Party & Alexa from He & I||
||Diana from Livy Love & Harley from Harley and Jane||
||"Mrs. DTF" from Mrs. DTF||
||??,Shannon from Style with Shannon, Rachel from Pink Peonies, Alycia from Crowley Party, ME, and ??||

PS: I don't follow all of your blogs unfortunately and I'm REALLY bad at remembering names so if you're in any of these pictures and I didn't tag your blog just leave a comment below (;


  1. It was so great to meet you! Also, you're gorgeous. The end.

  2. oh so fun!!


  3. Hi!! I was checking your blog and it´s lovely! I´m your new follower!! I´m from IFB!

  4. hahah cec, the girl with you and diana from livy love is harley from harley and jane.
    this looks like it was so much fun! i'm kind of sad i missed out.

  5. ahh this looks like it was so much fun!! i'm sad i couldn't go.. stupid work. glad you had a good time. hopefully next time i can make it and meet everyone in the real human flesh :)

  6. Wow, how amazing it is to see all the lovely ladies from my favorite blogs together in one place! Wish I coule be there!

    xo Shane

  7. love this! it was so great to meet you last week!

  8. That was such a fun night! Hey I'm Shannon from and I'm in the last picture second from the left.

  9. your hair looks great!

    i would have been the only one with a baby (well almost. i went and looked at the other photos to see if i recognized anyone besides you and diana and saw another little one but, still, i don't think it was a meet-up for people like me ;p

    we should tell diana to have another one haha or like a blogger party reunion. or maybe i'll just go hang with brissa since she was my favorite part. (are you reading this brissa? now you know) well... her and the disney princess.

    i swear utah bloggers "groups" are like cut in half even though most bloggers reside in your area ?

    i like rachel's pants. everyone looks so cute!

  10. Girls, you look amazing!))

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