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Eleven questions

I've been tagged by my gorgeous friend Kandice for this eleven question thing that has been going viral around the blogger world the last couple weeks. It's been really fun reading everyone's answers and the different questions going around. She said I better do it or die haha.

- Post these rules
- Post a photo and eleven random things about yourself
- Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
- Create eleven new questions for the people you tag
- Contact those you choose and let them know they've been tagged

Behold, the gem of all pictures we took this morning at breakfast.

1>> For those of you who haven't been in my bedroom, I'm a hoarder of clothes. I have clothing from seventh grade and I mean I don't keep everything but still it's pretty ridiculous. I didn't realize how much I had until I moved back in with my parents for a month before I got married. I then realized I have a serious problem and have slowly been working on giving away large amounts at a time.

2>> When I'm alone sitting on the computer I tend to make weird noises and I mean REALLY weird for no apparent reason. Now that I'm married, Daryl and I spend a lot of time sitting next to eachother doing different hobbies and he has witnessed these crazy noises. I don't know where they come from and I don't know why I enjoy making them so much. Daryl is the only human being who has experienced this.

3>> I can't go to sleep without brushing me teeth. If I do, there are serious consequences. I wake up in the middle of the night (usually 1-3 hours after I've fallen asleep or taken a nap) and NEED to brush my teeth. I'm OCD about clean teeth seriously, you can ask anyone who has lived with me. Hillary use to give me so much crap about it. 

4>> I have bad road rage. I sometimes curse like a sailor when I'm on the road and only on the road (unless I stub my toe on the side of the bed). I'm trying to learn to control it and have gotten A LOT better. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is going 5 miles UNDER in the FAST lane and they don't move over for you and the parade of cars behind you to pass by. 

5>> I'm late about 99% of the time. If you tell me I need to be somewhere tell me 30-60 minutes before the event really starts. I'm just really good at being late. If I got paid for every minute I've been late in my life I'd be a millionaire. 

6>> When I was growing up as a child and ate raisin bran for breakfast I swear to gosh this black stick figure guy with a creepy smile would appear on the box and then I would look up and he would be creeping around the corner watching me eat. IT DROVE ME INSANE. I just google searched Raisin Bran boxes in the 90's and I can't find this guy; I have just came to the conclusion that he wasn't even originally on the box and I'm creeped out.

7>> I almost died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 4. I told my mom I was going to brush my teeth and went upstairs and locked the bathroom door. Keep in mind I had been observing her use the mouth wash and decided I would try it out for myself. I drank the whole bottle of mouth wash and my parents realized something was wrong when the door was locked. My dad finally got the door opened and they found me drunk on the floor and rushed me to the emergency room. The doctors had to get all the alcohol out of me and I spent a good few days at Primary Childrens.

8>> I think I have far too many interests, hobbies, and things to do that I never get around to "doing it all". It drives me insane when I see all the pretty things I could do but there simply isn't enough time in the day. I don't see how people find time to do everything and be bored on top of that.

9>> I'm 5'5 1/2 and I wear a size 7 shoe. Am I the only one that gets shocked when I find out a blogger I've been stalking is really 5 foot tall and I've been thinking she's 6 foot something the whole time I've been reading? I think it's something that those of you who don't know me and are weird like me might want to know.

10>> One of my favorite things about being married is waking up every morning, and looking over at my husband knowing without a doubt in my mind that I made the right decision. 

11>> I love the never-ending happiness the Gospel brings into my life.


1. What is your most preferred genre of music (or, if you'd rather, your favorite artists)?
It depends on my mood but usually something up beat if I'm cleaning or working out but Muse and Incubus have a really good variety of music and are my favorite bands. So I always turn to one of them no matter what mood I'm in.

2. What are your top three favorite things out of everything?
I don't know what you mean exactly, but I'm assuming you mean physical things and not people. In that case, I'm going to have to say:
-My Quad
-My wedding ring because of what it symbolizes rather than the actual value
-My laptop 

3. What kind of kid were you growing up - weirdo, bully, in the band, an athlete, theater folk, etc?
I went through different stages as a child I went through a attention stage, shy stage, nerd/neat freak stage, scene stage, figuring who I am stage, and now me. (;

4. Have you been to concerts? who was your favorite?
My favorite concert that I went to was definitely the MUSE concert in 2010!

5. What are your top two favorite films?
Spirited Away and Seven Samurai. 

6. What's a strange habit that you have?
My #2 random fact above.

7. What is your favorite memory or moment in life?
My wedding day, I know that might sound cheesy but it's true. I've never had such a perfect day in my life.

8. Do you want kids? How many?
YES! Hmmm that's a little hard to ask someone who hasn't even experienced one yet. As of right now I think 2-3 but we will see.

9. What's something strange that your significant other does?
Daryl wiggles his toes while he sleeps without realizing it. It's so funny! I'm pretty sure that's why his metabolism is so high, he burns all of his calories wiggling his toes during the night. ;P

10. Are you good at math? (tell me how bad you are at math.)
Yes, I'm good at math. A business major is almost like a mini math major. I thought I was done with math after calculus but boy I was wrong.

11. What's your favorite thing about yourself?
My favorite thing about myself is I'm never-ever bored. If you are looking for a quality I would probably have to say my badonkadonk.

  1. What song is currently stuck in your head?
  2. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  3. What got you into blogging?
  4. What's your most embarrassing moment in high school?
  5. What is one physical quality you would never change about yourself?
  6. If you had the opportunity to go back in time for 24 hours where would you go?
  7. If you had the opportunity of receiving 1 million dollars if you didn't use the internet for 3 years would you take it?
  8. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
  9. If your life was a show what would it be called?
  10. Which is worse, failing or never trying?
  11. What is your happiest childhood memory?


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  1. Haha Yes! I always think everyone looks so tall in there pictures! When you see people in photos beside another person is the only time you find out that they are really short!
    I will get onto my answers ;)

  2. Bahaha, I've already done this!
    But I seriously probably would have guessed you were taller. I think everyone just looks tall in their pictures.
    I'm glad 4-year-old Cecilia didn't die! That's freakin' scary! Mouthwash must've tasted good, eh?

  3. that alcohol poisoning story is so scary! Wow...glad they realized something had to be wrong!

  4. Holy mouthwash, that's very funny and absolutely terrifying at the same time! Also, I just got really excited when you said that one of your favorite films is Spirited Away. I LOVE that movie. Love it. Could listen to the "Dragon Boy" song a million times.

  5. So fun to learn more about you. You're a doll!

  6. #10 is my favorite.

    and i can't believe that mouthwash story. like everyone else i think. haha. thank GOD they got you to the hospital in time!!

  7. hi love- here's my answers :) http://talesforkarina.blogspot.com/2012/03/eleven-things-once-more.html