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Glasses USA

Do you buy glasses online? Before Meira from contacted me to do a product review I had never made a glasses purchase online. Not only was it easy but very convenient for those of us who like online shopping! There is even this really sweet virtual mirror where you can upload a picture and "try on" the glasses in order to help you decide which will look best on you! It's super fun and I've attached the app below so you lovely readers can have a go at it!

I love wearing glasses as a fashion accessory, I use to need prescription glasses for a few years back when I was a kid but my eyes seemed to get better and I don't need them anymore. However, I think glasses are a great way to spice up any look and let's be honest they're sexy. :P 
 The eyeglasses I chose to review were the iSee 706 in black, and they are currently still in stock! The glasses are top of the line quality and even came in a cute glasses container and with a lense cleaning cloth! Besides offering high quality frames, Glasses USA offers 110% lowest price guarantee and 100% satisfaction with every purchase! They also have an awesome refer-a-friend program in which you will get $30 for each first purchase a referred friend makes! How awesome is that?! For a bargain hunter like myself, a website doesn't get better than that!
Glasses USA always has great promotions and discount codes available on their site. However, you can take 10% off any order using the discount code Blog10! You can also find them on twitter and facebook where they offer exclusive discounts for fans! So go and show them some love and don't forget to tell them Dearest Lou sent ya! (;


  1. SO weird, but I actually was thinking the other day.. Can I buy glasses online? The answer is why not you can do everything online but it NEVER crossed my mind. I am totally going to now. And can I just tell you I am in love with your hair, so much that I have been growing out my bangs for almost a year now.. But your hair makes me want them back!

  2. Awh the glasses look so pretty on you! xx

  3. Those glasses look amazing on you! Whenever I wear mine, I feel like the biggest dork haha!

  4. Those glasses look adorable on you! And I love your lipstick too!
    <3 Carrie

  5. love the glasses! they look great on you!

  6. love glasses! ans i adore ur hairstyle!! i want ! ^^