Checkered shorts and a pink jacket | Dearest Lou

Checkered shorts and a pink jacket

The weather was really rainy and gloomy on Thursday. Since it was pretty chilly, I decided to play around with my outfit and layer up. I absolutely love this American Eagle sweater that one of my previous co-workers gave me at last years Christmas party. It's super warm and one of the comfiest pieces I own. I decided to wear my jacket over it in order to spice the look up a bit. 

I had the opportunity to go to my sisters MESA award dinner which was really fun. I'm so proud of her. However, the main reason I went down to Salt Lake Valley today was to visit my dear grandma Carol, she's currently in the hospital and not doing very well. I have so many amazing memories with her and it was bittersweet seeing her at the hospital today. I hope that no matter what happens that she doesn't have to suffer through anymore pain.
I love you grandma!
Sweater: AE || Jacket: Express || Shorts: Thrifted || Leggings & Earrings: F21 || Boots: Forever Young 


  1. those earrings look really great on you :)

    i called and left a voicemail after i saw a picture of sweet carol on IG that ti posted. i was thinking she had passed and it made me really sad. i'm happy to hear she still has more time here with her family.

    love you all ♥

  2. so cute - as always ...and i LOVE the earrings!

  3. Very cool outfit! You look lovely!

    The Urban Umbrella

  4. the earrings are seriously amazing!!

    luv mixing pink and greys!!

  5. You are too cute! Love your boots! :)


  6. ahah. soooo cute! in a quirky fabulous way! i love it.


  7. HEY. HOW DID YOUR GRADUATION GO?! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!! it slipped my mind that it was yesterday! i called you and everything. i feel like an arse! but how did it goooooooo?! :D :D :D

    1. Hey hon,

      Graduation went amazing! Somehow we managed to get up on time and make it. It's totally fine that you forgot you had a lot going on yesterday as well! I didn't have my phone all day since I left it in the car so I still have yet to go grab it and check my voice mail and messages! But thanks so much for calling means a lot (:

  8. Those shorts are so cute!