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Sugar me smooth review

Sugar Me Smooth sent me some amazing products a couple of weeks ago to try out. The products overall have been everything I expected and more. So you know how I mentioned in this post that I haven’t shaved my legs in a while in order to try sugaring for the first time? Well, I was mistaken and realized that they sent me Facial Hair Removal not body. ;P So I ended up shaving my legs immediately after I read the bottle. However, I had Daryl try the facial sugar on a few spots on my legs.

At first I was scared to try it so I had Daryl apply and remove the hair for me. It was a lot less painful then waxing and left my skin silky smooth! Plus Daryl and I had a great time he loved seeing my reactions right before he pulled. I've also noticed that the hair hasn't even began to grow back and we did this on Saturday night so it's practically been a week and no sign of hair! 

Sugar Me Smooth also sent me some Tropical Mango Body Scrub and oh my goodness the stuff works wonders! I have a mild case of keratosis pilaris on my upper arms and upper thighs and I’ve been apply the body scrub twice a week (as directed on the container) and it’s made my skin feel SO MUCH SOFTER. I've also noticed that my dry skin is beginning to disappear it's a miracle.

If you are looking for an alternative to shaving or waxing this summer in order to have silky smooth skin I highly suggest heading over to Sugar Me Smooth and purchasing some products! It's WAY cheaper than waxing and will last just as long if not longer plus it's so much cheaper. You won’t regret it.


  1. Umm this stuff sounds awesome!

  2. dear, i love your blog :D
    come and see my blog if you have time
    i've followed you <3

  3. will you be using this stuff from now on?

    and is it REALLY making your arms feel softer? i wonder if it would help my redness ?

  4. This is awesome! I have keratosis pilaris all over my arms so I'm keen to try some. I'm going to check their website out now :) xo