Chambray top, accident, and a few words about grandma Carol | Dearest Lou

Chambray top, accident, and a few words about grandma Carol

Believe it or not, 1 hour prior to these photos I was in a car accident. Rush hour traffic on I-15 came to an abrupt stop and I noticed the car behind me wasn't slowing down fast enough. Next thing I knew it I was rear ended and shaking tremendously. Blocking traffic and having no idea what to do. Daryl sweetly told me to not panic and to pull over to the side. Luckily, Daryl and I were both wearing our seat belts and no one in either vehicle was injured. After making sure everyone was alright, I called the police and our visit to go see grandma at the hospice facility was delayed another hour.

For those of you who don't know my grandma, she's the sweetest lady on this planet. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was very young and her dementia has gotten worse ever since. For the past year I've spent 4-8 nights a month watching her and spending time with her at my parents house. Most grandchildren aren't as fortunate as my sister and I and don't get to bond so closely with their grandparents. Over the past few months her health conditions have gotten worse and there's nothing we can really do but wait for her to pass away. A couple of days ago, we visited her at the hospital and she could still mouth things.. last thing she said to me was I love you.

I know she will be passing any day now but it's really hard to see her go. My sister and her have had a very special friendship that I've cherished watching. I know that it's time for Heavenly Father to take her to the other side where she will feel no more pain. I love her so much and I want to thank those of you who have sent me sweet emails about mentioning her in your prayers.. it means a lot.
Top: Old Navy || Necklace: Giveaway win from Style Guryl || Headwrap: JCP || Jeans: Quicksilver || Boots: Borrowed from Ti || Lipstick: Fuchsia Clutch


  1. Ah! The same thing happened to the Mister last week but he was on his motorbike and went flying off! So scary!
    Glad that you are both fine!
    Amy xo

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother (and your car accident :( ). I also grew up very close to my grandmother and grandfather and I consider myself so fortunate for this. They both taught me more than I ever could have hoped for and it is because of them (and my mom) that I am who I am today. I also watched both of them pass away and can honestly say that it was the hardest thing that I have ever endured. My grandmother also suffered from dementia and I know how difficult it is to see their mind slip away. You spending time with her is possibly one of the greatest gifts you can give her. Cherish every single moment. Sending light and peace your way and thinking of your family. ~amy

  3. so sorry to hear about your accident and your grandma. i know how hard that can be!
    xox dana

  4. I love that headpiece, and I'm so glad you're okay!
    Your grandma will be in my prayers!

  5. Im sorry about your grandma. That is so hard to go through, but such a blessing that it has brought you guys closer. The outfit is gorgeous by the way, I wish I could put together something that adorable:) That kind of car accident is my worst nightmare, I always think about what I would do. If I would put the E-brake on, or if I would put it in neutral, or if I would try and move out of the way! Scary, Im glad no one was hurt!

  6. Your outfit is adorable.

    Oh, my goodness, I'm glad nobody was hurt in your accident!

    Also, I'm really sorry to hear about your grandma; my thoughts and prayers are with your family.


  7. I hope everything will be alright!! love you girl

  8. Love your head scarf and necklace, you look so chic and I love this outfit from head to toe!


  9. I'm glad no one was hurt in the accident. My heart and prayers go out to you in this time, my family and I also had to watch my grandma deteriorate with dementia and other ailments right before our eyes. It's the saddest and worst thing to have to go through, but you will get through it with strong family support. xo

  10. woohoo!!! chambray top!! I LOVE THOSE and yours looks great :)

    onto the serious,

    i love you. i had no idea you got in a car accident, sweety cakes, you SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME! before the cops ;p i'm so so glad you're okay and that daryl is okay. did you say you were in YOUR car? is it totaled or anything? still drive-able? going to cost a million to fix? that is NO good. especially. . . .

    i wish this wasn't happening to your family. i was just thinking the same thing about how lucky you guys were to get to know your grandparents so well. it may make their passing more difficult but it's better for everyone to share love and memories and a closeness like that. it's special. my grandma died yesterday and none of us knew she was even ill.. we didn't know her much (i don't even know how often i've talked about her with you - grandma donna... my mom's step-mom.. the navada and south dakota grandparents) it was really a shock and we don't really know what we're all feeling.


    anyway, i love you. i'm glad you're alright and that you have more time to enjoy sweet carol.

    please come hiking with us sometime.
    ps. sean would like me to tell you that it was an optical illusion and i actually look terrible in real life.

  11. Love this look!<3

  12. OMG! im glad you're okay!!!!! You look fantastic!

  13. Oh Lou. I am so sorry to hear about your Gramma. My Gramma passed away a year ago from Dementia. It is so hard, but you are so fortunate to be so close to her. I was close with both of my grandmothers as well. I will keep you, your sister, your Gramma and your family in my thoughts.

    I am much better with blogs than with Chictopia. I do very much appreciate your comments. I am going to follow you so that I can be more interactive with you.

    I don't want to end this superficially, but your scarf in your hair is just gorgeous.

  14. So sorry about your grandmother! I'm glad that you were alright in the accident. It seems like this day just wasn't a good one! However, it's good that you kept your spirits high and looked lovely the whole time as well.

  15. There is something so hard about losing a loved one. I am so sorry. At least you have to have some wonderful moments with her these last few days. Sending my love.


    1. your car accident and the unfortunate things going on with your grandma are "fab"


      just as long as you go look at the blogs above, right?

    2. Deeeeeeeesh,

      You are too funny! That individual above clearly didn't read anything about the post at all. (:

  17. so sorry about your grandmother!!i am sure you have so many to remeber!all my love!

  18. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother, I understand the heartache that resides when a loved one is ill. Cherish every single moment.

    I am glad to hear that you were okay after your accident though! Also, you look wonderful in all of your photographs.

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.


  19. Having to stop the car abruptly but the car behind you could not do the same = what happened to us too :/ it sucks, glad to hear you are OK as well!

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother, she wel be remembered!

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  20. OMG! Your necklace is absolutely fabulous. I can't wait to link up to your Thrift party on Thursday! YAY!!!

  21. I feel for you Cecilia. After a car accident in Provo in December of 2010, it freaks me out to drive. Utah drivers especially seem to follow really close and be distracted on the road. I hope you are seeing a chiropractor and taking care of yourself. Before I moved to Seattle, my chiropractor was Dr. John Aznar in Orem -- he is THE BEST. Compassionate, considerate, funny, pleasant, and a healer. I would totally recommend him.

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  22. I got rear ended once and now I'm always worried that it's going to happen again! I stare in my rear view anticipating another crash! :/ Thanks for the nice comment on my blog :)

    xx Adrian