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Thrifty Thursdays

Some of you might have noticed I added a page called Thriftfanatics. I decided to create a page where all of you lovely thrifters can share your great thrift finds, outfits, and tips with the blogging world. I absolutely love reading about what gems other people find and about the thrift stores they go to.

To sign up, simply click on the page for instructions!

I've also decided to do a link up party every Thursday, "Thrifty Thursdays at Dearest Lou". Feel free to sign up to the link up party with any great thrift finds, outfits, or tips.

Here are some pretty things I've recently thrifted:
Pretty pillow $2
Textured blouse: $4
Creepy antique jewelry box: $9
The jewelry box wasn't recently thrifted but I couldn't help but include it. I thrifted it a couple of months ago when I went on a shopping trip with Kandice and Nat. Even though it was kind of pricey I decided I had to have it, especially since it plays a creepy little song when you open it.

Here are the guidelines for the link up:
  1. Link up to a specific blog post about thrifting.
  2. Snatch the button below and place it in your post. (If you don't want to add the button you can text link.)


Link parties will end every Sunday at 11:59PM!
Can't wait to see all of the things you guys have thrifted!


  1. YES this is so great. i might even have to link up every once in a while. i LOVE that box and think of it sometimes when i'm out and see other jewelry boxes that just don't compare AT ALL. i'm glad you bought it even for the high price of $9

    can't wait to see what else you find! i also love that it's a link up because i've thought about doing a thrift day of the week but... DUH.. i don't go thrifting all the freaking time so on the days when you can't provide any new finds, others will do that for you. genius! but i still think it's the same difference to include anything you've thrifted in the past that you feel deserves a spot here :)

  2. i'm loving the creepy jewelry box. haha! & that blouse is way cute...would be darling with a floral skirt of sorts. xo.

  3. That jewelry box looks SO beautiful! I can't imagine that lovely little thing making a creepy noise, haha. x

  4. lovely! and the jewel box is not creepy! hehe


  5. What a cute summery top.. And what's up Cecilia!??? Did you block me from your blog for a few months last year? Did it go private? Or did you get a new blog.. I'm soo confused.. lol

    Janette, the Jongleur

  6. Hi dear! Great post and page! I've always tought that fashion doen't have to be expensive: you can be fashionable even wearing low cost garments. I'm your newest follower and I join your page with pleasure.
    With love, Ladyfairy

  7. I would love to get involved in this Lou!!!! I thrift like no one's business. ;-)

  8. I love the box! It is beautiful..totally something that I would buy, I love the top and pillow also..great taste :)

  9. I want to get involved with this also :)

  10. that jewelry box is an amazing find! there's something about finding treasures at a thrift store! xx

  11. Love it! So nice!

  12. I love this idea! Any way you can send me a square button so I can add it to my linky party page?

  13. I'm about to do some thrifting this weekend myself. I'll definitely share my findings. Wish me luck. :)
    I'm having a super fun giveaway on my blog, you can enter if you'd like. :)

  14. hi darling thanks for visiting my blog sorry about your grandma :(
    will definitely like to take part in this!
    XX Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  15. these are all do lovely, i really like the creepy jewelry box!

  16. very beautiful thrift finds! I like your blog, you have got a lovely style. I love thrifting looking forward to link up on Thursday! Following you by the way!


  17. creepylicous! i 'm totally in love with this jewelery box!!!!

    the next weeks i wont be able to go thrift shopping because i have a broken foot... i hopefullyjoin your lovely thrift blog in the future :)

  18. This is a great idea! I might have to join in-- I wear thrifted items daily, does that count as the at least two posts a month about a thrifted item?