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Fathers Day

Dear Daddo,
Happy Fathers Day! You're seriously the best dad in the whole world and I don't know what I would do without your love and support. Thanks for being such a great role model and for being the most genuine person I know. You never have anything mean to say about anyone and it's a quality that I've always admired in you. Thanks for providing for our family and making things workout even in the most difficult of times. I will always admire you and it's crazy to think that next fathers day you will be a grandpa!

Love Ceci
Dear Grandpa,
You are one of the brightest people on the planet and have so much wisdom. I've always looked up to you and have cherished the time we've spent together both at work and play. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to intern with you throughout my last semester of college. I'm going to miss seeing you at my parents house but I promise I will visit often when you move to your new place. It was really hard seeing Grandma pass away last month, but I'm glad to see you doing okay and pushing forward. I love you!

Dear Daryl,

Happy Pre-Fathers day! Next year we will have our little one to celebrate with us. I want to thank you for all of your love and support the last 6 months of marriage, 3 month engagement, and throughout our year of dating. It's crazy to think that I met you 2 years ago and now we are married and have our little baby on the way. I want to thank you for all of your love and encouragement both in happy and sad times. You are the best husband in the world and I'm so blessed to have you by my side for eternity. I love you so much.
Love, Your Lou


  1. Just stumbled across your blog and it is the sweetest thing I've seen on the blog-o-sphere in a while. I love the name Harvard and have a feeling that you might be having a little boy. Though, I've been wrong with both my girls so don't listen to me. I just started following you so I can check back easily. I just get so excited about babies, congrats dear.

    xx xx http://camomeetscouture.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos and congratulations on your marriage and new baby on the way...


  3. Awww, love all the daddies in your life! Happy fathers day to them al!

  4. aw! i just love the one at the fair. these words are sweet & tender.

  5. what a sweet post! it sounds like you are surrounded by loving fathers (and fathers to be)!

  6. Those are such sweet letters to all the daddys in your life.

  7. wow you really look like one of the people on Australian Master Cheif !!! Thanks for the comment you left me and I follow now xx

  8. what a sweet post to all the good men in your life!! and how exciting that your husband will be a father next year (although kind of is already. : )

  9. This is so sweet! You are so lovely. :)
    Your new follower,
    Tarah and the City