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Gartel multi-colored wedge and maxi skirt

Lately I've been obsessed with the idea of going to the park and simply swinging on the swing set. The other evening Daryl and I decided we would walk over to a park near by our place and take my outfit pictures there and swing afterwards. Well it turns out the park is under construction and the swing set was closed off! I was pretty disappointed, but we ended up passing the local elementary school on the way and stopped by there to swing instead!

My wonderful sponsor Cents of Style also sent me these gorgeous gartel multi-colored wedges! Like I've said in some of my most recent outfit posts, I've been obsessed with the color red lately. I love the print on the wedge too they're so fun and comfortable. I'm use to wearing heels and wedges taller than these so these were really easy to walk in. I also won this necklace in a giveaway I entered last month and I think it's so pretty. You guys should def. go check out her blog here (:
Shirt: Plato's Closet || Skirt&Bracelet: c/o Grandma || WedgesCents of Style || Necklace: Won here

PS: Don't forget to enter the Cents of Style Giveaway!
PPS: Don't forget to enter Christmas in July!


  1. Red is your color. That skirt looks great on you.

  2. Red is your color. That skirt looks great on you.

  3. Those wedges are too cute! You are really selling me on this Cents of Style business!

  4. so today is the 5th and they said my battery would come today through friday... i really hope it's today. that would give me piece of mind for friday.

    was daryl able to get his shift covered?
    when am i taking your photos?

  5. Oh! Turquoise bracelets from grandma are just the absolute best! Yours is particularly wonderful! Love your whole outfit! <3


  6. I love these rich colors, beautiful photos too!

  7. Love how you did the layering in this look. :) And those wedges are on my want list!

  8. the scarlet skirt and matching wedges are beautiful! I love the zig zag pattern on the shoes! Lovely chambray top and pretty accessories too, I like how you match the turquoise bracelet with your nail colors. Fabulous outfit!


  9. Very nice shirt and maxi skirt! ;)

    Kisses from Italy


  10. love the bracelets and the wedges...

  11. WOW. Those wedges are way way cute. I LOVE the pattern on the side, makes them stand out from all the other mediocre wedges out there ^_^

    Cup of Tea

  12. I love this outfit. Not to mention red is my favorite color. Great post!


  13. YOu are too gorgeous! Love your outfit. :) Swinging on swings is the best!

  14. loooove that skirt! the red is gorgeous!


  15. I have to agree; red is definitely your color!
    love the skirt!