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Meet Gloryvee from Dejavu A' La Mode

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m very happy to introduce you to my featured blogger of the month Gloryvee from Dejavu a la Mode. I decided that I was going to continue doing the Q&A section with my featured sponsor so you guys could get to know that blogger a bit better! After reading about her why don't you stop by her little corner of the internet and show her some blog love?! I'm going to turn off the comments to ensure you do! (;

NAME: Gloryvee Bruno
AGE:  25
HOMETOWN: M-I-A-M-I (Love this city & weather)
BLOGGING SINCE: 2012/January
What are five words to describe you? Mom, Spontaneous, Creative, Artistic, Wacky (lol)
Why did you decide to start blogging? What do you blog about?  I started blogging because of my love for fashion. I truly enjoy styling others just for fun, and giving  individuals tips and tricks on styling themselves. I have always believed people should dress to express their individuality. So, I decided to start a blog to express my ideas and feelings towards the gigantic world of fashion. I blog about the latest trends, I style outfits together, almost daily, I will sometimes give a few tricks on something technical. ie. how to change an I-phone 4 screen, which I have done several times, which I plan to put on the blog one day. I have always wanted to start a blog since 2010, but never got around to it, until one day I just did!
How did you name your blog? Oh wow. Well it took me a few days to come up with the name, but I have to be honest, I have the habit of saying "weird, so Dejavu." (Crazy huh? lol) So, one day on my way from work I literally said "VOILA!" Dejavu will be my blog's name.
What are 3 of your favorite blogs?  Three of my all time favorite blogs are 1. Man Repeller, 2. Bryan Boy, 3. Honestly WTF
What are some of your hobbies? My Hobbies include drawing, designing, sewing, reading and hanging out with my pride and joy my 5 year old son :)
What are your goals for the future? Well, I have so many things in mind. Though, I am working on opening a little online boutique that will only sell one of a kind pieces, no repeats. I hate having twins on the street lol. I also will be collaborating soon with this new online magazine that just opened. Once I write my first story with them I will reveal it on my page, and so much more, just taking one day at a time for now.