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Nautical with a side of polka dots

Hey friends,
Just a quick warning that this post is all over the place.

Sorry I've been lacking on the outfit posts lately. These pictures were taken on Thursday so I was exactly 18 1/2 weeks along. Belly keeps getting bigger and bigger and I feel SO HUGE. I know I will look back and read this when I'm further along and think I'm crazy but my tummy has never been so big and round. However, I wouldn't trade this bump for a flat tummy any day, I love the fact that I am carrying our little boy.

So last Thursday when we found out the gender I was completely in shock. I have been calling the baby a girl for months now and it was so weird to think that I had a little boy with his little boy parts inside of me haha. As the week went by, the thought of having a little girl sounded more and more strange and now it just makes sense. . WE ARE HAVING A BOY<3

On that note, earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit with my friend Whitney. I hadn't seen her since she was about 8 months pregnant and it was an absolute delight to meet her little Arlo. I hadn't been around any baby boys lately and he was just the cutest thing ever, he was all full of smiles and chunky rolls! I wish I could describe into words how much love I felt between the two of them and how wonderful it was to witness it (;
 -Baby boy is moving as I type-

That's the other thing I was going to bring up, I can now feel baby move every once in a while! It is usually only during the wee hours of the morning but it's the coolest sensation ever! I can't wait until I can feel him moving and kicking more frequently.
Shirt: Delias || Necklace: F21 || Skirt&Belt: Thrifted || Shoes: Borrowed from my mama

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  1. I am really happy for you and enjoy reading your pregnancy posts. It's amazing that you always look stunning and oh-so-stylish, can't wait to see more outfit posts when you're further along :)

    By the way, I've been following you for a while now and I really love your blog. It would mean a lot if you could follow me back :)

  2. Love your skirt and congratulations on having a baby boy!

  3. I love your skirt, holy moly it's so pretty! I still can't get over the fact you're having a baby, it's crazy!!- the best kind of crazy ;) I can't wait to see your bump grow and your little family grow on your blog, isn't it insane you're almost half way!

  4. I love this outfit. I am especially digging the anchor necklace. I have been searching for one for a long time now- it looks so cute on you :) Congrats on having a boy!


  5. I love your nautical shirt, I want one now :) The print is so pretty!
    Congrats on baby boy!

  6. Cute outfit! I love the skirt!!!! And congrats girly!!!! :)


  7. ah "baby boy is moving as I type" don't you love that?

    And I cannot believe you feel huge, you are still so tiny! and cute to boot! I have to wear my skirts up under my boobs because they don't fit anymore!! Ah congrats, and you are looking lovely!

  8. Congratulations on having a boy! That's so amazing :) Also, you look great, I love the color of that skirt, it goes so well with your skin tone and the shirt is just so fun! Have a good weekend :)

  9. u looking beautiful and roadiant. COngratulations!!!

    Love that red polka skirt, u wear it so well :)

  10. Love love love that outfit! Congrats again on your little boy :)

    Rose Eva

  11. Beautiful outfit, love your skirt!

  12. So excited for you! I love that polka dot skirt!

  13. you look absolutely stunning. this must be pinned! xo.

  14. You have the pregnant glow! I'm not sure how cliche you think that sounds, but you do look really happy :) And on top of that, you have a really cute outfit here. I'm especially loving the anchor necklace!

    Cup of Tea

  15. I love your skirt, holy moly it's so pretty! I still can't get over the fact you're having a baby, it's crazy!!- the best kind of crazy ;) apa essay format

  16. That skirt is fabulous. Great thrifted find!