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Meet Rachel Emma from Daydream Frenzy

Happy Saturday everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting as frequently this week, I've been pretty busy getting this place looking spic-and-span since we're hoping to sell our contract and move back to the Salt Lake area next month. I promise I will be responding to your sweet comments and posting more next week (; Today I want to introduce you to my featured sponsor of the month Rachel Emma from Daydream Frenzy. She's a darling style blogger from Texas and I'm sure you guys are going to love her. Make sure and stop by her blog after reading a bit about her.

NAME: Rachel Emma
AGE:  21
HOMETOWN: San Antonio, TX (currently in Austin)

What are five words to describe you? 
I had a hard time narrowing myself to just five words, so I asked my 
two best friends to describe me and came up with a combination of
both of their answers: extroverted, faithful, funny, dependable, sincere.
Aren't best friends the greatest? They always judge you so much more
nicer than you judge yourself. :)

Why did you decide to start blogging? What do you blog about?
At the beginning of last year I went through this phase where all I wore
was Nike shorts, tennis shoes and a regular T-shirt, which is regarded
as the basic "college look" to most people. Yes, it's comfortable and there is 
nothing wrong with that, but I grew increasingly bored with wearing 
the same thing every day. I started blogging because I wanted to
broaden my style range and start caring again about how I dressed again.

 -- My blog provides motivation for me to get dressed every day,
dare to try new trends, and to start wearing the clothes I hardly
ever touch as well as a space to see my style grow along with my blog!
Not only do I blog about my personal style, but I also enjoy
sharing my travels, adventures, snippets of daily life, and things that inspire
How did you name your blog?
After discovering the fashion blog world, I would constantly daydream about all the various outfits I wanted to put together and all the different trends I couldn't wait to try. So basically, my blog is a collection (or "frenzy" wink wink) of all that. I also wanted a name that I could grow with and that I could relate to other things besides fashion which is why I also blog about my life, experiences, diys, and everything in between. 
How has your personal style evolved since you started Daydream Frenzy?
Daydream Frenzy has definitely given me the courage to venture outside of my comfort zone. Before it was just sticking to what I knew everyday which was always the safest route to take, but that quickly grew to be mundane. Now, in order to keep my outfits from looking the same every week, I make it a point to try new & different trends. It keeps my blog content fresh while also helping me discover what looks best for my shape and which styles adhere to my preferences. Ever since starting Daydream Frenzy, I have acquired new obsessions such as asymmetrical hemlines, denim tops, pleats, vibrant prints, neon, and colored denim – things I never would have been brave enough to wear years ago!
What are some of your hobbies outside of blogging? 
I love love love to travel. Whether it be a foreign country or some 
quaint little town an hour away, I just love to explore. However, 
since I attend school full-time, I seldom have time to venture far 
past my city, Austin. On the bright side, Austin has so much to offer, 
I'm always discovering new places within it! I try to spend my 
weekends and downtime doing things around Austin I've never done 
before. This city has a lot of festivals throughout the year and my 
university puts on events almost every weekend, so I try to take 
advantage of that since I may not get to live here in the future. My 
boyfriend and I will go out looking for hole-in-the-wall places to 
eat, while my girlfriends and I are always finding small business 
boutiques to shop at. There is never a dull moment! I'm also a sucker 
for baking and scrapbooking in my spare time ;)

What are your goals for the near future? 
My main goal right now is to graduate on time during the spring of 
2013 from the University of Texas. Although the idea of remaining at 
school for another couple years (thus forestalling my push into the 
"real world") entices me, I have always admired people who came, got 
their ish done, and were out in four years. A lot of people tell me if 
they went to my college in Austin, they would just partypartyparty and 
not get anything accomplished. I believe I've found a healthy balance between 
my social life and school, so to falter under the pressure now would 
be a waste of my hard work these past three years. My stepdad has also 
given me another reason to graduate on time: a eurotrip to France, 
Italy, Germany, and England. Holy cow, as if I needed any more 
motivation! I could never pass up an opportunity like this, so by next 
spring you can be darn sure I will achieve my goal of becoming a 
college graduate from one of the best schools in Texas! Wish me luck!