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Polka dots, pregnancy update, and a winner

So after these pictures were taken I realized that my shirt was in the way of my bump so these pictures don't give it justice. We had a doctors appointment and I'm happy to say baby boy is healthy and measuring up to size! He was going wild throughout the entire ultrasound. The ultrasound technician said he's one of the most active babies she's ever seen. Throughout the ultrasound he kept sticking out his little tongue and we would all burst out laughing! She happened to get a couple of 3D shots along with the regular shots and I just wanted to share my favorite one:
Isn't he the cutest? My sister said it looks like he has big lips like mama (; It was hard to get a good 3D picture of him since he kept moving around but this one was my favorite of the bunch. We've also done a lot of shopping for baby boy lately. Kandice and I went on Monday and we found some AMAZING stuff, it was just a good day. My family and I went on my dad's birthday and we found some ADORABLE clothes I can't wait to put on the little guy! 

So this dress barely fits me now, if you look really closely the buttons are about to burst (and it doesn't help that I was a pig at my dad's birthday dinner). I wonder if I will fit into this dress in two weeks, it'll be fun to find out and see. The second to last picture below is the best picture of my bump you can kind of see it poking out if you look closely! 

I want to bring up something funny I've been thinking about lately, you know how some women have belly  buttons that stick out all cute-like when they're pregnant? Well, I feel like mine never will.. I seriously couldn't imagine it! I've ALWAYS had an innie belly button that goes WAY in .. about 1/2 a mile deep, haha. If it even begins to poke out I don't know what to expect! Have any of you readers (who are currently pregnant or have been) had a WAY innie belly  button that ended up becoming an outie during your pregnancy?
Dress: Thrifted || Top: c/o Oasap || Floral flats: Forever Young Shoes

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  1. Totally digging the subtle combination of polka dots and floral :) And your baby bump is so darling! I hope I look half as cute as you when I'm preggers :)

    <3 Cambria

  2. love the way you're dressing your cute little baby bump! can't wait to see more pics xo


  3. Love your dress dear! :) And have I ever told you I love your hair!?! Such a cute/chic cut on you!


  4. I'm with you on the belly button thing! By the time I hit third trimester it started to pop slightly! Depending on where little one is it will be a half outie or just go bak to be a shallow inny! Haha

  5. oh my goodness, those 3d ultrasounds are just incredible!!

  6. The polka dots are darling, especially with the floral shoes. Congrats on your upcoming little one :)

  7. Looking adorable as always :) I absolutely love the floral flats!

  8. you are so cute pregnant! Love the dress :)


  9. your posts always make me smile! they are so cute and happy! love the shoes

  10. i want to do some more shopping!!!

    i would have LOVED to get a 3D shot, lucky you :)
    he's adoooorable. at first sight, i thought.. SPITTING IMAGE OF DARYL. then my mind changed to you! now i'm certain he's 50/50 mix and just perrrrfect ♥

    i just can't believe you have a person inside you. one that will be running around like natalie in no time at all! text me back about the blanket colors!

  11. I never thought my bellybutton was crazy deep, but it never stuck out during pregnancy and I was much bigger than you currently are. Bellybuttons are weird things though, so maybe you'll get one :)
    Also, I love those shoes!

  12. SUPER cute, regardless that the shirt is in the way :)

    and love the ultrasound, what a sweet little face! I'm still debating whether or not to get a 3D one or not!

  13. That dress is so cute and I love, love the flats! I have a very inny belly button as well. It'll be interesting to see what happens when I'm pregnant. Lol


  14. You're outfit is so cute, I love it. And wow, he's getting so big, I bet you're getting more and more excited!!!

  15. The doctor made the ultrasound today, I have 25 weeks and +/- 10 days! and is a boy too! :)
    And im the most happy girl because the baby is healthy!

  16. you are so adorable! that outfit is flawless!

  17. These pics are adorable! My sister just had a baby and her belly button stayed in the entire time. She was even a week and a half late and it never popped. I guess some just don't?

  18. I cannot say too many times how gorgeous you look.

    Your little man is SO CUTE! It is just mind-blowing how clearly you can seem his little face. I was shocked when my mum reminded me that they just had to wait to see what they had (girl or boy). Of course! We have it so good these days.

  19. Your dress is adorable! Isn't it the best feeling seeing that little tiny face on the ultrasounds.


  20. That dress looks great on you! I swear if you didn't have your hands around your belly on the front facing pictures, I wouldn't even be able to tell you were pregnant! :)

    Fabulously Vintage

  21. Cute outfit! I am so excited for you and your baby! =) I bet you're going to dress him up all the time and have him join you on your shoots. Haha. Take care!


  22. Cecilia... can you get any cuter? I mean... really. You're so adorable!

  23. Cute dress! Love the flats!


  24. I like how you mixed your polka dot dress with your floral shoes: good choice ;)
    Plus, I'm really happy that you're baby is healthy, can't wait to see his face!!

  25. I have a dress like this and love it; I find it very flattering. Pairing it with the chambray shirt is perfect.

  26. You look Amazing! Love polka dot!)

  27. Awww! Congrats on a baby boy. You are looking as cute as always. ;) I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  28. You are the cutest pregnant lady! Such amazing style.

  29. Hi dear! I'm visiting from Chictopia and love your blog! YOu are so cute pregnant! I remember when I was in your shoes and having ultrasounds! It was so exciting! Anyways, I am a new follower now and hope you will come check out my blog when you get time! Would love to keep in touch! I loved my style when I was pregnant! I was like extra boho-chic because it was so comfy! Have a good day and night! xx Pip


  30. She is just beautiful and you will have a baby boy! Pregnancy Care