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Utah's Hogle Zoo

I had a lot of fun at the Hogle Zoo last Thursday.. like I mentioned in this post it had been a while since I last went. I was really looking forward to seeing the hippo but they are currently working on their African exhibit and moved him down to New Mexico where he started a family. I guess they will just need to get a different hippo, hopefully more than one! The Hogle Zoo was much smaller than the 2 zoos in Washington that I went to last summer with Daryl and his mom but it was still lots of fun. I also got tired really quick from going up and down all the hills. 

Here are some pictures from our day:
Elephants, rhinos, and lemurs
Daryl's mama, Lillie, and the white snow leopard
Daryl pretending to be a bird, the adorable cockatoo, the giraffes, and I
The new polar bear exhibit was really cool! I like that they added the under ground section so you could see the arctic animals swimming. The polar bear was being such a show off and kept doing all sorts of tricks for everyone. I love the picture of Daryl and Kensie.
The bad-a gorilla and the sleepy orangutan (who hid under the sheet the entire time).
So I have a really funny story about the gorilla. If you look closely at the gorilla's expression you can clearly see that he is not happy. He was tearing apart that cardboard box and eating chunks of it! Well, I went over to go look at all of the other primates when I heard all of these kids saying "ew" and their parents telling them to not watch. I went over to see what all the fuss was about and the gorilla had his big ol' butt hole super close to the glass and was taking a dump. After he was finished he picked up his poop and took a huge bite and started eating it! I couldn't believe my eyes.


  1. HAHA! The gorilla story. Wow. Silly girl!

    You are by far, the cutest prego girl I've seen in quite some time. :P


  2. I love this post and being able to see the animals! The picture of you in front of the giraffes is awesome and the white snow leopard is impressive.
    ps: I'm not talking about the gorilla's story - so gross! ;)

  3. I got rather tickled reading the part on the gorilla and the orang utan under the sheet is hilarious. Nobody would know what lies beneath if not for your explanation. lol

  4. Ahh those pics are so cute-- especially the giraffes! I've always wanted to see one in a zoo but somehow never have gotten to it yet. Definitely looks like a fun time was had. x

    Rose Eva

  5. Lions and tigers and bears... oh my! Looks like a fun day at the zoo to me! :)

  6. lovely pics, I really like them! I just found your blog and I spend a great time reading it, would you like to follow us each other? I can also follow you on twitter and bloglovin!


  7. How lovely is the polar bear? Hello!

    I had a cockatoo living in the backyard with my chooks for ages. He/she was friends with the chooks and would hang with them all day. I did buy him special big parrot food, though. He was a very messy eater. he was one of the Major Mitchell cockatoos with a pink hairstyle, as opposed to yellow.

  8. i love the hogal zoo! i try and get the hubs to go every time we go up north. i could spend my life there and be happy.

  9. ha-ha these are funny and so cute!

  10. i love going to the zoo too. I have never seen a polar bear up close, i bet he was cute to watch and for the gorilla- wow thats really gross. You can tell he hates it there.