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Attention all mamas with babies/toddlers

Daryl's mom and dad are coming down to Utah to visit tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. We are going to go shopping for some baby necessities and I can't wait! One of my favorite things to do these days is to wander aimlessly through baby aisles at super markets or actual baby stores and see all of the darling things I want to buy. 

But to be 100% honest guys, I have NO IDEA what I NEED for my baby boy. I'm kind of freaking out here but there's this handy little list on this site that I will probably make an organized list out of and check off things as the months go by. 

I would absolutely love for all of you current mamas to give me some advice on your favorite products/things you can't live without. I'd also like opinions on things you don't like or refuse to buy for whatever reason. I've done quite a bit of research on my own but it's always nice to hear from actual moms and their experiences. Feel free to leave a comment below or if you'd rather email me at that'd be great. He's going to be here in less than 3 months and that thought alone is both exciting and mind-boggling (:

Thanks in advance!
Jeans: Gap
Shirt: Thrifted
Oxfords: Target
Under shirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Giveaway win
Fedora: Don't remember

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  1. i don't have any baby advice to give you. but i WILL tell you you look absolutely stunning in these pictures. what a gorgeous outfit and smile!

  2. So I thought this was something really silly and unnecessary. Then a mom told me at one of my baby showers how wonderful it was. I got it as a gift, and let me tell you- it's life-changing. It's a wipe warmer. It was only like twenty dollars and it really helps with diaper changes. My baby is so much calmer and happier using the warm wipes. I find that I am less frantic in trying to wipe him, so my theory is that I wipe him better when using the warm wipes. Totally worth it. :)

    I also really love our little infant to toddler rocking chair we got from Target. And for swaddling, I loved the swaddle sacks we got that have velcro on them. They made me feel a lot better because they seem safer than a loose blanket and they made swaddling a lot easier! Now we use the wearable blankets because my baby liked swaddling for about ten days. Zip-up sleepers are also a god-send.

    Best wishes!

  3. Must haves: aden and anais muslin swaddling blankets
    wedge with "arms" (makes transition from mommy's arms to crib/bassinet MUCH easier)
    snap 'n go stroller base (lightweight and really all you need for the first 6 months as far as a stroller)

    Don't need: tons of clothes (sorry!)
    =) Here's the start of my list...i'll prob add more later! =)

  4. I have no idea what you will need... I don't have babies yet. But my sister has a "big brother" type video baby monitor that streams to their iphones, ipads, computers or whatever and it is truly amazing. So I suggest you look into that. Or just register for it and have someone else buy it for you.

  5. amazing hat and shirt!! love your shoes and necklace!! so beautiful mommy-to-be! i don't know any advice to give, but i wish you the best for your baby!

  6. Those little mesh things that you can put food in for the babies to suck.

    teething toys are kind of overrated. none of mine every much cared for them. They preferred anything else that they weren't supposed to have. Haha.

    Cornstartch is amazing for diaper rash. WAY better than any butt paste I've tried.
    You can mix it with a bit of water to make it a paste but I always just sprinkle it on like you would baby powder.

  7. You are seriously too stinkin' cute! I Love your hat and oxfords, perfect accessory to this simple, chic outfit!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  8. I have two little boys (one is 3 1/2 and other is 15 months), and some of the things that I absolutely couldn't live without where my Boppy nursing pillow, my Baby bjorn carrier, NUK pacifiers, California baby baby lotion, and my Vera Bradley Baby bag. There are alot more things that I loves, but these are the things that where my favorite with both of my babies!
    Congratulations! Have fun shopping! :)

  9. I love your oxfords! Your tummy is getting so big now. I was gone from the blogging world for a month and I was kind of surprised with how big the bean in your tummy has grown :) I'm not a mom yet but if there is one piece of advice that stuck with me, don't buy too many baby clothes because they grow sooo fast! :)


  10. ok you are seriously the cutest!

  11. love your outfit are so sweet..:-)


  12. We bought a diaper genie, but stopped using it after a month or two. It fills up so fast and it's pointless. Just put them in the regular trash.
    If you put him in a shirt and pants, have a onesie underneath to keep him warm.
    Keep an extra blanket in the car.
    I love my Boppy. The Bumbo worked for a little bit, but Quinn learned how to try and tip it over fairly quickly. It's good if you need to feed the baby somewhere without high chairs though.

  13. i have those shoes :) love what you paired them with! good luck on buying things for baby, i can't wait to see the patterns/designs of the blankets and things you choose!

  14. These are things I have found useful:
    Swaddling blanket (one with the velcro so they can't get out of it)
    Blankets (different sizes and thickness, can never have too many!)
    Bouncer and/or swing (I use both but could probably get away with one or the other)
    Pacifier clip (So the pacifier doesn't fall on the ground when they spit it out)
    Rocking chair
    A good stain remover (for when they have blowouts!)

    Things I don't need/don't like:
    Huggies wipes (at least the ones you get at costco...too rough on baby's skin)
    Changing table (Might be nice but dont really have room for one. you can lay them down on the floor or even the bed, just put something like an old towel underneath them in case they pee or poop)

    And for you (if you will be nursing):
    Disposable breast pads (reusable ones could save you money but once they get wet they get very uncomfortable. They don't soak up as much)

    Hope this helps!

  15. love this outfit. Also, you're in luck. I posted a series on my blog several months ago- all the baby gear we thought we "needed" and were glad we had broken down by age group...and some for mama too!
    here's the newborn post :

    you should be able to see the other posts underneath it. Hope it helps you! (if nothing else...skip diaper rash creams and buy bag balm. Better than prescription from the dr's. They keep it behind the counter at target, though you don't need a prescription!)

  16. Personally, I'm of the minimalist baby persuasion...there's very little babies actually NEED. A place to sleep, diapers, clothes, and LOVE! But a couple things I found super super helpful and would probably say I couldn't live without now are a sound machine (bless that thing) and a swaddle blanket (we liked the velcro ones like the Swaddleme ones). Lifesavers!

  17. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get everything soon!
    :) Love that shirt! Darling.


  18. I think this is my favorite outfit yet. I may or may not be considering getting pregnant just so I can recreate it.

    HAaha, not really, but it is freaking cute!

  19. Hi, you are almost to the end. I think the one baby item that we never used was the Bjorn baby body carrier. I had it and never used it. I am way too short for and my husband does not want to use it either. Also the baby bags. Maybe just me, but i don't like the traditional baby bags, so I bought a big tote instead. Also don't buy too much baby clothes(i now know) because they grow up so fast. I hope this helps.


  20. Boppy pillow & Bumbo seat are a must. And when you go to the hospital make sure you pack gum and chapstick. Gum will keep your mouth moist in case they don't let you have anything to drink. Also email me if you have any questions!! :) I know it's overwhelming!!

  21. great [post,, hope you all have fun: Follow each other?

  22. Loooooooving the cute menswear inspiration to this look! That striped shirt is darling on you, and the hat just tops it off perfectly.

    <3 Cambria

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  24. Looking good girlfriend! I love those oxfords, I wish I had gotten them last year when they were at target because they're so cute!!


  25. Such a fab outfit!! Love your style so much.
    I actually went shopping for baby stuff today with my mother-in-law. She is just so excited about her first grandchild she thinks we need absolutely everything invented for babies. Luckily my hubby was there to stop her from wasting her money on some of the most ridiculous, unnecessary baby things.
    As far as the bigger purchases go we have decided to just stick with the basics like cot, buggy, car seat, changing table. I also am a bit confused over what the baby does or doesn't need.
    It can be so daunting going into those baby shops especially when it's your first pregnancy!

  26. Oh you look so great! I love your style :) I can't give you any advice though, since well, I don't know anything about kids. But I think it will come naturally :) You'll do great!

  27. Hi, love your blog!! It's awesome to see a mother to be that looks so wonderful, congrats to you and good luck :)

  28. You are looking great! And my gosh how exciting! I wish you a safe and good birthing. :)

    I have two kids now and when I had my first boy, of course I didn't know much. I learned a lot of things that I don't necessarily need to have and would actually save us some money. Anyway, this video I like about what you need for bringing baby home. She did well explaining it on video.

    Aden & Anais receiving blankets are awesome. I have four and they are bigger and wider than the regular once. Zippered clothes are the best and quickest way to dress the baby. A lot of burp cloths. Don't buy way too much NB clothes since they grow up pretty fast. And of course, cute outfit for the when baby comes home or photo taking at the hospital. :) Enjoy the little one and take lots of pictures!!!!!

  29. I don't have any tips I'm afraid, but best of luck! xx

  30. Hi Cecilia! My baby girl is two months old, and I wrote up a post on non-basic things we found out we needed in the early weeks on my blog ( Some other things we love are the Blooming Bath, Aden + Anais muslin swaddles, and the Boppy Newborn Lounger. If you're breastfeeding, I've found that the My Brest Friend pillow is way more supportive than the Boppy - but I had a really big baby :) And for clothes (the fun stuff!), I am obsessed with Mini Boden, Next Direct, Janie and Jack and Baby Gap. Hope that helps, and let me know if you have questions about anything! Congrats on your baby boy!

  31. i'm trying to find more blogs that have some pregnancy style for my co-worker - so i was pumped when this was the first post on your page! you are awesome - and i love this outfit. i wish i had advice to help you out, but i just have a male dog and that's not helpful at all.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails