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Eternal Happiness

The lovely ladies over at Thoughts from the Birdhouse and Mother at Heart asked me if I would co-host with them in their Since it's Sunday link up! I don't really talk much about my personal spiritual beliefs on the blog since it's main focus at this time is my modest thrifty fashion but I thought it'd be fun for a change. 

Something that I have been struggling with lately is being humble and happy. My pregnancy hormones really get the best of me on some of my off days. Sometimes whenever I'm simply browsing online or out with friends I get jealous and wish I had the things others have. I even  begin to feel sorry for myself and get in this rut of wanting all sorts of unnecessary items that ultimately won't make me truly happy. I mean sure those floral jeans or that gorgeous dress will make me happy now but won't really matter in the long run. 

Heavenly Father desires that we find true, lasting happiness. Sometimes I completely forget about this happiness until I'm reminded when Daryl and I say our nightly prayer together or when I feel this precious spirit inside of me kick my rib cage. I mean after-all we couldn't have created this little bundle of joy without our Father in Heaven. 

Heavenly Father has given us so many resources in order to gain this  happiness: gospel teachings, commandments, temples, and building close relationships with our eternal families. He sent His Beloved Son to carry out the Atonement so that we could be forgiven for our sins and receive a true and never ending happiness. I'm so thankful for this and for being able to read my scriptures or humbly bow down and say a prayer whenever I'm feeling weak. I know the Gospel is true and as long as I continue to follow the teachings and work on being a better me I will be a happier person.

Rules for link up:
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2) Link up your post dealing with some sort of spiritual topic. Those of all faiths are welcomed to participate!
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  1. Awww... such a lovely photo. I wore a red dress at my wedding. :)

    Don't be hard on yourself, hormones are crazy things. I'm sure I've told you we're doing IVF and the hormone injections I have make me cranky for no reason, then I cry for no reason. ARGH!

    I would love to wear floral jeans but have chunky thighs! Now, that is something to be cranky about - they'll always be chunky! ;)


  2. Cecilia, this is a beautiful post. I can definitely relate..sometimes it can be so easy to lose track of what's truly important and to focus on things that really won't bring happiness. Heavenly Father asks that we just try and do our best, I'm grateful for the Savior who has provided a way for us to get back up when we fall.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and testimony. And what a gorgeous wedding're beautiful!

  3. I love that you're confident enough to share such personal feelings with your followers! I can so relate to this! Sometimes I get so caught up in wanting the latest thing on my mind or comparing myself to others but I need to remember what matters most. Being able to be with my true love and best friend for eternity means more to me than anything!


  4. I love this post! It's so easy to think about all the things we wish we had, but really none of it will matter after our time here on Earth :)

  5. I love the simplicity of this, Cecilia. Thank you for linking up, and for helping host! :)

  6. aww.., this is inspiring ♥ I'm your fan on LB XD

  7. i was talking to my husband, lehi about this yesterday after church.
    for the longest time, i wanted to start a blog about my two favorite things. but i was terrified what kind of emotional effect it would have on me.

    trying to forget the temporal things and being truly happy with your eternal things can be hard when you are wrapped up in this world. so, i totally get your struggle. i think most people are going through that or have gone through it.

    i'm not the strongest when it comes to controlling my toxic thoughts. like you, i tend to compare myself with others, and that never brings anything positive. i've been trying to always have my emotions in check. but it gets exhausting! hopefully it will just become a natural habit for me...

    sorry for my random thoughts!

  8. Hi Cecilia, you wrote to me on IFB! I thought I would comment here, I really love your blog and you look absolutely stunning in your wedding photo! Congratulations! I love your style as well. I am following you on Bloglovin now, would love it if you could follow me back (if you like my blog of course) you could have the honour of being my 6th follower!
    Keep up the good work!