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Friday Favorites

I'm starting a new series this month called "Friday Favorites". Every Friday I will post a picture of my favorite post I've read from my featured sponsor and a few of my medium sponsors. I've attached links to their lovely blogs and social media sites.. go take a gander (;

Don't you think this pizza looks absolutely mouth watering? If we ever visit the Misson Hills area we will definitely have to try Brooklyn Girl.

I'm super jealous of Shannon's recent trip to Rome. Her pictures look absolutely dreamy. This was my favorite picture from her post.

Doesn't Erin have the cutest baby bump ever? She's now less than a month away from her due date! I'm so excited to see her baby boy he will be a cutie. 

I am a sucker for desserts and have been craving sugar like crazy the last couple of days. This banoffee pie recipe looks to die for and Sophie has posted very detailed instructions.

Lynzy has an impeccable sense of style. This is by far one of my favorite outfit posts she's posted on her blog thus far. I love this detail shot of her accessories!

Sarah's due date is also approaching and she's been nesting like crazy. I absolutely love her custom mood board. Her son is going to have one stylish room and isn't the name Greyer absolutely adorable?

Doesn't Gentri look so dang cute in this picture? I love it! She just upgraded camera's and I'm totally jealous. I'm in the middle of saving up my money for a new one before baby boy arrives. 


  1. Love these picks! :) And that pizza is making me very hungry... YUM!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  2. what a great post! I love learning about new blogs and the pizza looks so good!!

  3. These pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing. Happy Friday.


  4. I can't look past the pizza, sad to say- it just looks so absolutely delicious!

    What a great feature x

    Rose Eva

  5. Now I'm craving that pizza, thanks! :)

  6. great post idea!!

    looking forward to seeing your future ones!!

  7. Erin's baby bump is super cute! But you, Dearest Lou, could be just the cutest!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing my post about my trip to Rome, Cecilia! :)

    Love the bananoffee pie!!

    Fabulously Vintage

  9. OMG the pizza looks so good :)

  10. i want that pizzaaaaa! lol

  11. as above ^^ pizza looks so yum, cute pics too