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Friday Favorites

In this post, Allie shares about this amazing little place that has to die for desserts! That shake and cake look absolutely delicious and I'm not even a cake person so that's saying something (;

Tiffany shares some gorgeous pictures of the Ko'olau Mountain Range. Her pictures make me want to take a vacation to a tropical paradise!

Elizabeth has a unique hobby and collects vintage cookbooks. She likes how they go more into depth and how people spent a lot more time cooking back in the day. 

Holly looks absolutely stunning in her most recent outfit post. I absolutely love the fun combination of colors.

Crystal recently went shopping for antique furniture and I love all of the little bits and pieces she purchased. Aren't those chairs pictured above so cute?!

Lynzy looks amazing as always in this primary colors inspired outfit. I fell in love with her shoes but she didn't post a 640x480 shot of them. If you have a minute you should go check out her full blog post!

I love Adelyns mustard colored top and her bag, such a perfect look for fall! I also love how her neighbors dog George decided to pop in and join her photo shoot (;

PS: The winner(s) of the Group Giveaway were announced HERE last night. 


  1. You're the sweetest! I love these posts! Everyone else's pictures are so cute too! :) Thanks!

  2. quella torta *-* anche io ho un blog che ne dici di passare? mi farebbe molto piacere!

  3. Oh I love that you share other people's posts here, definitely checking them out, thanks!

  4. great blog round up -- that chocolate cake looks amazing! xo

  5. That is the most delicious cake i ever did see! Amazing picture