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Pretty dress and back pains

The weather is finally beginning to cool down! It's no where near autumn temperatures but at least it's in the 80's. I wore this little outfit on our date to Five Guys last night. It was actually freezing in there so I'm glad I layered up. Plus I think my bump looked super cute in this outfit. I got this dress at Zara for only $9.99! I love the color and I think it's a great layering piece for fall. I've attached the link below for those of you who may be interested in purchasing it.

I'm happy to say that I'm feeling a lot better than I was earlier this week! Baby boys movements are getting stronger each day and my energy levels are going up. The only negative thing I've been experiencing as of late is having lower back pains. It's probably normal during this stage of pregnancy and I didn't have a strong muscle-y back before I got pregnant so let the fun begin (;

I've noticed that Baby Harvard has been moving around more when he hears familiar voices like when Daryl and I have a conversation or my sister talks to him. It's really cool! I wonder if he's beginning to figure out who everyone is. . maybe I'm crazy for even thinking that! At my last doctors appointment my doctor scheduled me to do the glucose test next week. I'm honestly scared out of my mind because I HATE NEEDLES!! I don't know how to express this over text but if you ask anyone who has been with me during a shot or when they draw blood it's quite the show.
Dress: Zara || Boots & Cardigan: Urban Outfitters || Necklace: TJ Maxx || Belt: Thrifted

PS:I haven't gone through and moderated most of your sweet comments.
I'm usually pretty good at commenting back in a timely matter but things have been busy.
I promise I will get on it lickety-split (;


  1. Pleased to hear that you're feeling much better than earlier in the week but the back pains don't sound like too much fun! I'm sure I will be experiencing that soon. You look absolutely sunning in this outfit, you really know how to dress up that bump. I think you would be a fabulous stylist.

  2. oh my gosh, this outfit is so perfect, seriously so cute i love it all.
    also, i hate needles, good luck cute girl.


  3. Oh girl you look so cute! I've had the same back pain too and it is no fun! I've learned a few tricks to help ease the pain, but the main one is to focus on standing up straight and almost "sucking" your belly in so that it doesn't pull you and your spine forward. That has helped a lot! Also, I'm not scared of needles, but if it helps, the worst part of the glucose test for me was drinking the nasty syrup. And I failed the first test so they made me take it again. And then i threw up in the waiting room when they were waiting to draw my blood : ) Haahhaha! All that to say, you'll get through it!

  4. ah you look so perfect! I LOVE that dress! and don't be afraid of the glucose test--- it's really not that bad. I actually liked the juice, get the lime if you get a choice (it tastes like a green otter pop) and seriously... just don't look at the needle! it's really just like all the other tests so don't worry! Best of luck!

  5. You are seriously adorable and know how to dress that bump lady. I hope the back pain doesn't get too bad, and fingers crossed all goes well with the test, my sister is exactly the same with needles!

  6. Cute outfit!! I love every detail. You put outfits together like I never could dream of doing... How cool that you can feel his movements more when familiar people are around.. I can't wait to have those experiences!

    xx Liz Marie

  7. This outfit is fantastic. Glowing, beautiful mama once again! :)
    How tall are you, if you dont mind me asking? I love that dress and at 9.99 it's a steal...but I'm afraid I'll drown in it in all my shortness!
    And you're not crazy for thinking baby boy is recognizing voices :) I think it's so true! Lilly kicked all the time when she'd hear me sing (probably telling me to stop!) or when her daddy would talk to my belly :)
    Best of luck on your glucose test :( I'm sorry about the needles..but just keep telling yourself it's for the best? Eek!
    Thinking of you!<3<3

  8. You look great!
    Sorry for your needle phobia. I had a severe vein phobia (ie the idea of having a blood test spun me right out) but after 5 kids I now have no problem at all! Which is amazing. I never thought I would overcome that. Blood tests really aren't very painful, and usually it's the thought of it that's worse. So kia kaha with that as say in NZ! (be strong)

  9. super cute! love those boots!


  10. Love this! Such a comfy but casual outfit.

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  11. Wow, you are looking so radiant! I love this outfit! So cute! You are a stylish "mama-to-be"! -Jessica L


  12. Oh my God you're soooo cute!!!
    I'm so sad to hear about your back pains... I hope it does not get worse :(

  13. I swear you look cuter and cuter every time I see a new post! I love the blues and browns together...I CAN NOT wait for it to actually cool down here!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  14. You look great. And about layering up and down that dress, I think you're totally right! =)

  15. hope your back feels better soon ... as always you look gorgeous!

  16. Your whole outfit is adorable! I love the boots. Actually, I love everything about it. I'm mentally checking my closet to see if I can copy a version of this. :)

  17. You look so lovely!!Great blog. What about following each other?

  18. I love how you still used a belt over your belly. Cute look! Lovin the boots too girl, I'm inspired :)


  19. I love the outfit!
    The accessories are beautiful too!
    Nice hairstyle!

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  20. Love the color of the outfit :)

  21. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
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  22. you are so stunning!! I'm sorry you have been having back pains. I hated being pregnant.. haha But you pull it off effortlessly :)

  23. You look radiant! I love this outfit! Hope you feel better :-/


  24. As usual, you look stunning!!