Ear cuff, plaid, and combat boots | Dearest Lou

Ear cuff, plaid, and combat boots

I can't wait for autumn to finally hit Utah.. the weather has cooled down but not near enough to layer on the clothing. We had an ultrasound yesterday and everything went great! I'll be posting a little more about that later on this weekend for those of you who are interested in reading about how our baby is doing (;

I recently got contacted by Priscilla from Aliexpress to do a review on a couple of pretty jewelry pieces. Something I really love about both of these pieces is that they each go for under $8 and FREE SHIPPING! Also if you are a boutique owner or bulk buyer, they offer even lower prices! It's quite the bargain, and I really love the ear cuff and the bangle. Make sure to check out Aliexpress if you are interested in the latest trends for a fraction of the price!
Shirt: Thrifted
Belt: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Combat boots: Forever 21

Happy Friday!


  1. you are so adorable! what a cute plaid shirt too! i need more plaid in my life
    also, i'm quite jealous of your backdrop..living in the south, all you can see at sunset are trees :(


  2. YOu are the cutest pregnant woman! You are truly glowing. Love your cute blog!


  3. I have almost 36 weeks! you look great! I like the leggins!
    kisses from Chile


  4. The bracelet is gorgeous! & I really like the shirt colours!

  5. Very cute and edgy preggy.. Stay safe my dear.♥

  6. Now this is what you call a 'rockin' mom-to-be! :) You look so good. And the jewelry is really nice :) Love your boots by the way! Hope the baby is doing good. I'll wait up for your post :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  7. That backdrop is so amazing and so are those motorcycle boots!! And you look gorgeous! Must be the pregnancy glow! ;) -Jessica L


  8. Hello there. I thought you might like to make a new friend. I think you are beautiful and have a beautiful husband and will have a beautiful child.
    If you ever get bored, you can be my friend too at: nellierenee13.blogspot.com
    Happy Saturday!

  9. I love your tights! I really really like leggings right now, and must confess that I wear leggings-as-pants. But I don't have any sparkly leggings. Yet... :) The shirt was a good thrift find! I've seen so many cute plaid shirts at goodwill.

  10. This outfit is amazing! And I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound. Who wouldn't care about how Dearest Lou's dearest baby is doing? =)

  11. I love the plaid!! Its perfect for fall!


  12. I agree! It still feels like summer here!

  13. I love the plaid shirt! It feels so fall-y, and it's getting me so excited! Where are those fall leaves??? :D


  14. Perfect outfit!! You look gorgeous :)