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Neon Green Baseball Tee and Cobalt Blue Bubble Necklace

I've been on the hunt for a cheap baseball tee for quite some time now and I happened to stumble upon this neon gem for only $5! I was thrilled when it fit over my big 31 week belly! I decided to go all out with the colors and wear my edgy red flats and this gorgeous cobalt blue bubble necklace Very Jane sent me earlier this week.

On another note.. I think my belly button might will actually pop out sometime in the next couple of weeks.. it's starting to look strange people! I will keep you all posted if it does.

I had my first doctors appointment with my new doctor yesterday and I absolutely love her! She's so supportive of my birth plan and she's totally on top of things. She measured my belly and checked babies heart beat and she says everything is coming along great except my iron is a little low. I should have expected to hear that since I rarely eat meat and dark green leafy veggies but I'm going to work on it (;
Also remember this post? Well Apricot Lane also gave me $50 to spend in their store while I was there! I fell in love with the purse and one of the bracelets I wore for the shoot so I went ahead and spent it on that. If you live in Utah I highly recommend shopping there you will not regret it!

Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Baseball Tee: Wet Seal (buy it here)
Cobalt Blue Bubble Necklace: c/o Very Jane


  1. You look amazing! That is the best baseball t I have seen yet. Love this outfit!!

  2. You look gorgeous. You belly is so biiig! oh my. He is going to be the cutest!

  3. love the colour scheme!!

  4. You could not look more adorable. I love the mix of colors you put together, and the baseball tee for $5? Such a steal!

  5. that bubble necklace looks adorable on you! xo

  6. I'm truly glad to hear that everything is going well! Also love that you found your t-shirt bargain, no matter how many times it happens it's always so exciting to find what you want on sale. Great Outfit!

  7. You look so radiant, love the necklace!

  8. You look so gorgeous!!! Great outfit. You scored such a great bargain with that cute tee.
    Great to hear that you are happy with your new doctor.

  9. Were both wearing our bubble necklaces! Haha. Love your shoes too!


  10. This is so cute! :) You look soo great !

  11. You look so beautiful here, Cecilia, you are glowing!
    <3 Carrie

  12. Still so stylish! I'm sure your baby will be as fab! :)


  13. you are the most precious pregnant person cece!

  14. I really like that you've got this primary color thing going on, but with a, neon yellow, cobalt. Really cute!

    <3 Cambria

  15. I love the necklace and .. your belly ^-^

    xoxo giada

  16. Oh that's a beautiful necklace! :D I really like it, I'm also really into the baseball Tees! So this outfit gets a major thumbs up from me! :D
    Also, I really like reading your blog and I'm really excited for you and your baby!!

    Love, Saar

  17. Hey cutie!!
    Come to a blog party in Provo next week!
    Read my blog to find out :)
    hope all is well.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  18. Spinach girl! And some kale...those are freaking amazing for low iron levels, I'm anemic but if I eat enough of those I'm good with out iron pills. And your red shoes are so fantastic! Are you getting so excited for your litte bebe?! You are coming up!

  19. I love all of the colors going on in this outfit! You wouldn't expect to see those shoes paired with a baseball tee, but I really like it! Thinkin outside of the box... :)


  20. where on EARTH did you get it?!!?!
    nevermind.....i saw the details... how embarrassing.

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