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Parade of carnations skirt and books

Sugarlips Apparel sent me this super pretty skirt last week and I'm so happy it fit over the bump. I decided to dress it down with a striped button up shirt and my "Peter Pan" shoes. I pulled all my hair in a messy bun because sometimes I like to move my blunt fringe out of my face (especially when Daryl and I go on evening walks).

I can't believe that today I'm officially 30 weeks pregnant. Sometimes it feels like I've been pregnant forever, but when I really think about it time has flown by. My mom and I were sorting through all of the children's books from my childhood, that we've purchased, and that I've been gifted. I can easily say that he has at least 200 or so books so far. I think reading to your child is so important.. even this early on (;
Shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Thrifted
Necklace: Gift from Daryl
Skirt: c/o Sugarlips (buy it here)

PS: Sunglasses Shop Giveaway winner announced here.


  1. You are so beautiful! I truly truly hope I get to be that pretty when I'm pregnant someday haha :) And oh I love your Peter Pan shoes!

  2. you look great!
    nice colour!

  3. You look gorgeous as always! I love love your skirt too! :) So cute about the books too!

  4. you are so beautiful! you truly do have the pregnancy glow! And that skirt is so cute!!

  5. oh my gosh! look at that bump! adorable! love the outfit too :)

  6. love those little lace up booties so much ...

  7. Oh my gosh... YOU ARE PREGNANT! CONGRATS! I am SO excited for you!!!

  8. You look so lovely hon! That dress is a dream! Only 10 weeks to go! :)


  9. I love maxi skirts and how you styled it here! What a great find those boots were! I could only be so lucky! -Jessica L


  10. babygiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!!!! (<----that was weird....) you look SO SO GOOD!!!! that skirt is amazing. you really are the cutest pregnant lady in the world.