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Provo Treasure Hunt

Hello friends,

Today I have some exciting news about an activity that would make a great date night or family activity if you live near Utah County. Have you heard about the Provo Treasure Hunt? On September 28th (tomorrow) a huge hunt will begin for $5,000 that's hidden somewhere in Utah County. The first clue will be released after the BYU vs Hawaii football game.

1) It's FREE to participate
2) In order to get clues you can do either or all of the following: friend PTH facebook, "like" PTH on twitter, or email to get emails straight to your inbox
3) You can do this for an advanced hint

Super easy right?

Each day afterwards a clue will be given each day until the treasure is found! There will also be other amazing prizes from local businesses that will be given separately from the $5,000 cash prize. I think it will be a lot of fun and if I win any small prizes or the grand prize itself I will be sure to tweet about it ;P

Unfortunately, Daryl works late this Friday night but it's something my little sister and I will be participating in.  I've heard that babies are pretty expensive so if I won the grand prize it would go towards his future college fund.

What would you spend the grand prize on?

PS: Guest Posting over here today.
PPS: Group Giveaway winners announced here.


  1. I wish I lived in Provo still! This looks so fun!

  2. Oh my goodness, I heard about this but I didn't know about the 5grand at the end! Sooo crazy!

  3. this look so fun! i wish we had one here in boston!

  4. This sounds like so much fun! I've heard of similar kind of events being held in my city, but I've never participated. I'm sure you will have a blast!

  5. This sounds like an absolute blast! :) Have so much fun!

  6. Awww good luck for the future baby's college fund! :)